STCC Scholarships and Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
Students who are enrolled at Springfield Technical Community College are eligible to apply for scholarships.
How do I apply?
To be able to apply, you must have a STCC e-mail. Go to Click on Sign Up. Sign Up for a scholarship account using your STCC email and create a password of your choosing. Next, check your STCC email for a confirmation email and click on the confirmation link inside. This will log you into the system for the first time. Once you are logged in, complete the general application. Once your general application is complete, you may browse the site for scholarships for which you may be qualified. There are two types of scholarships:
  1. Auto-match: these scholarships require only the information found in the general application. You don t need to do anything other than complete the general application to qualify for these.
  2. Apply-to: these scholarships require that you answer questions or provide more information specific to this scholarship. An apply-to scholarship will have an Apply button next to it in the scholarship listing. When you click on Apply, you will see the questions you need to complete. Once you complete them, you can save and submit your answers. To be considered for apply-to scholarships, you must answer the additional questions. You can find these scholarships on the "Recommended Opportunities" page.
Can I only apply for scholarships that are recommended to me?
No, the system will suggest scholarships based on your general application, but it does not match your qualifications 100%. You must browse all scholarships to identify and apply to scholarships for which you may be qualified. If you rely solely on recommendations, you will miss out on opportunities!
When is the deadline to submit finalized applications?
March 10, 2017 at 11:59pm. You must have all references submitted and essays completed (if required) by this date and time. No exceptions.
I could not sign-in to the scholarship website. What do I do?
You must be enrolled. If you are a student or scholarship administrator and need help with your MyAccounts username or password, please contact the Foundation office at (413)755-4529 or email
How will I know if I am a scholarship recipient?
Scholarship recipients will be notified via email a few weeks after the application deadline.
Who can I contact with additional questions?

Jessica Prokop  413-755-4529