STCC Student Accounts Office - Health Insurance Requirements

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, effective September 1, 1989, requires each student carrying nine (9) credits or more to participate in the student health insurance program.

If a student has comparable coverage and wishes to waive participation in the Massachusetts Community College insurance plan, the student must complete a waiver form showing comparable coverage. The following health insurance cannot be used to waive the STCC health insurance:  MassHealth Limited, the Health Safety Net and the Children's Medical Security Plan.  Please review the following important information regarding waiving your health insurance as there are some changes from last year: Important Health Insurance Waiver Information (PDF).  For further information on the student health insurance you can go to web page:

If you wish to waive your health insurance charge please:

  • Log onto WebAdvisor
  • Click on the STUDENTS tab
  • Create an account with Gallagher Koster
  • Complete the Waiver Form (See waiver form to determine eligibility)

The health insurance provider for the 2015/2016 academic year is Blue Cross Blue Shield, serviced through Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk.

Please note:

  • The last day to waive the student health insurance for a semester is the payment due date of your tuition bill for that semester.
  • A student's bill must be paid in full before the College can forward a student's name and payment to the insurance company for coverage. Please note that all payments to the payment plan must be made and/or financial aid must be applied to the student's bill, resulting in a zero balance, before the appropriate information is forwarded to the insurance company.

The cost of the Fall 2015 policy effective September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016 is $1,536. There is no requirement to purchase student health insurance for the summer session. The cost of the Spring 2016 policy effective January 1, 2016 through August 31, 2016, is $1,026. The insurance company will not process any claims until the student's bill is paid in full. In order for the insurance company to process claims, a student's bill must be paid in full (including financial aid) by October 31, 2015.

Health Insurance Documents:

Health Insurance Authorization Form

The STCC Student Accounts Office is required to obtain written authorization to apply Federal Financial Aid to the student health insurance charge. If you are relying on Financial Aid to pay your bill you must complete an Authorization Form so that we may apply financial aid to this charge. Students who have not already completed the form for the current academic year should complete the below form, print it, and bring it to the Student Accounts Office. A new/signed Authorization form is required each year.

Student Accounts-Health Insurance Payment Authorization Form

New and important information for students who purchased the annual student health insurance policy for 2014-15

STCC students who enrolled for annual student health insurance coverage (9/1/14 through 8/31/15) and who meet one of the following criteria may request a termination of coverage of the Student Health Insurance Plan for the Spring semester and receive an applicable refund.

Criteria to be eligible for termination of the annual policy:

  1. Disenroll from STCC for the spring semester, or
  2. Enroll in a subsidized health insurance plan through the Massachusetts Health Connector and have coverage starting on or before 1/1/2015, or
  3. Enroll in MassHealth (not including MassHealth Limited, the Health Safety Net or the Children's Medical Security Plan) and coverage is effective on or before 1/1/2015

The deadline for request of termination of coverage must be received by Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk by email  or fax 617-479-0860 no later than 12/31/2014. No forms will be accepted after this date!. For more information call Dorothy Ungerer at 413-755-4389 or Gallagher Student at 617-328-2301. The form for requesting termination of coverage can be found at  by clicking on the Forms & Applications link.