Student Activities

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The academic program at STCC is complimented by educational, cultural, and social activities. The Office of Student Activities and Development assists students and faculty in planning co-curricular programs and in developing student organizations. Also, access to off-campus events and attractions is available through discounted ticket sales and bus trips.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the forum through which students' viewpoints, concerns, and input into campus governance are presented. Most of the positions are filled by student volunteers who are interested in gaining valuable experience while improving campus life. The student body president, student trustee, and selectperson are elected to fill one-year terms.

The Student Ambassador Program (SAP) is a group returning students who support the academic success of STCC students.Ambassadors also assist various departments on campus with activities and events, as well as develop their own events. Most positions are filled by students who are interested in developing their leadership, communication, and programming skills.Students interested in the Student Ambassador Program must apply and be accepted to this program during the spring semester, in order to participate during the following year.

The following student organizations and clubs have been established at STCC.For more information, interested students are invited to stop in at the Office of Student Activities and Development in Building 17.

Organization Advisor EMail
Anime Club Frances Riddle
Architectural Design Club Warren Hall
Art Club Frances Riddle
Business Club Anthony Rondinelli
Campus Activities Board Savannah Scarlett
Campus Civitan Club Marcia Sias
Christian Fellowship Club Ramiro Soares
Cosmetology Club Laurie Degree
Criminal Justice Club Daniel Hebert
Dance Club Kasia Goclowski
Dental Hygiene Michelle Sirois
Education Club Linda Prystupa
Engineering Club Zahi Haddad
Gallery Players (Theater Class) Philip O'Donoghue
GLBT Alliance Amy Stephenson
Eric Brown
International Club Anna Bognolo
Landscape Design Club Jen Warner
Thomas Smith
LLAVE Club Maria Zayas-Bonilla
Jennifer Sanchez
Medical Assistant Club Karolyn Ryan
Robyn Ledwith 
Muslim Student Association (MSA)
Nursing Club Deborah Jacques
OTA Marianne Joyce
Phi Theta Kappa Susan Askin
PTA Meg Woble-Valenski
Renae Gorma
Respiratory Care Club Esther Perrelli
Student Ambassador Program (Must apply in Spring) Andrea Tarpey
Savannah Scarlett 
Student Government Assoc. (Must apply in Spring) Andrea Tarpey
Savannah Scarlett 
Surgical Technology Club Mary Jane Rossman
Tech Times (Journalism Class) F. Davis Johnson 
Veteran's Club
(Must be a Veteran/Service Member or a Dependent of)
Akeilee Murchison 

Things to Know about Student Activities

What are your office hours? Where are you located?

The Student Activities and Development office hours are from 8:00A.M. to 4:00P.M. Monday through Friday (the register closes at 3:30 p.m. for any sales). We are located in Building 17, First Floor. Our telephone number is (413) 755-4912.

How can I get "involved" and how much time will it require?

The Student Activities and Development Office will give you the opportunity to experience college in a way that expands beyond academics. We have a Student Government Association (SGA), the Campus Activities Board (CAB), the Student Ambassador Program (SAP) a student newspaper, opportunities for community service, and a variety of clubs and organizations that are very active on campus. This gives you the opportunity to become involved with a particular group of interest, meet peers, and enhance your educational experience at STCC. There is something for every student, no matter what your interest or schedule! The time commitment truly depends on the type of involvement you choose. The majority of our students have many other obligations aside from their academics and their involvement with student activities, yet they are still able to enjoy the opportunities we have available. Any type of involvement with the Student Activities and Development Office is guaranteed to enhance your college career and resume.

What kind of clubs and organizations do you have? If interested, how can I start a club?

There are various clubs and organizations which exist. Some clubs and organizations focus on academic programs, and others are groups of students with common personal or social interests. Please see our complete list of clubs and organizations listed, or in the office brochure. Please note: If there is not a club or organization listed, but there is enough interest, the Student Activities and Development Office will assist the group of students in forming the new club or organization. For more details on the process of forming a new club or organization, please be sure to contact the office.

What is the STCCler? What is the deadline for submitting an article?

The STCCler is a weekly newsletter provided by Student Activities to the campus community. It contains an enormous amount of valuable information for students such as meetings that may be of interest to students, important deadlines, services available from a variety of departments, what vendors will be on campus, current tickets for sale and trips planned from Student Activities, on-campus events and activities planned for students, community service opportunities, and much more! Students, faculty, and staff are all invited to submit information into the STCCler. The form to submit information can be picked up in the Student Activities and Development Office or information can be emailed to Ingrid Caine Please note: The deadline for any submissions into the STCCler is Tuesday by 12:00P.M. for the following week.

Do you have tickets to __________, and how much are they?

On an average day during the semester, the Office of Student Activities and Development receives many phone calls from students, faculty and staff regarding what types of tickets we have on sale (i.e. movie tickets, Symphony Hall shows, City Stage, Mass Mutual Center events, and Falcons games). Please forward any of those questions directly to the office, however, we do encourage students, faculty and staff to read the STCCler as it is published every week and contains current ticket sale information.

Do you have a student newspaper?

The college does have a student newspaper called Tech Times that is published four (or more) times a semester. This publication is funded by the Office of Student Activities and Development. Please encourage any students you think may be interested in getting involved with the newspaper to contact the advisor, F. Davis Johnson at (413) 755-5250.

Where do I get a bus pass?

Bus pass services are handled through the Transportation and Parking Office. A valid student ID is needed to receive a FREE bus pass. Bus passes are only valid per semester from the first day of class to the last day of finals. Any time in between or after will be solely your responsibility to pay for bus fare. Please refer any questions regarding bus passes to the Transportation and Parking Office at (413) 755-4238 or visit this link to apply for a bus pass:

How do I get involved with athletics on campus?

If you are interested in joining an Athletic Team contact Coach Vinny Grassetti in athletics at (413) 755-4061. Student Activities does organize and oversee club sports, such as the Volleyball Club for students. If there is enough interest starting your own club sport, stop into the office and we will work with you to organize the club.

Where do I get a parking pass?

Parking passes are handled through the Transportation and Parking Office. Please forward any questions regarding parking to that office. That office can be reached at (413) 755-4238 or visit this link to apply for a parking decal: