Career Exploration

Welcome to Springfield Technical Community College! An integral part of a college education is self-exploration. For many, college is defined as a time for self-growth and actualization.  Springfield Technical Community College allows students to explore different majors and careers in a safe environment. Identifying individual strengths and interests allows students to discover who they are, both professionally and personally. Career advisors at Springfield Technical Community College are available to help students navigate through the endless options at hand. Through various tools, students will be able to set attainable goals and prepare themselves for the future. Springfield Technical Community College offers individualized career advising that focuses on several components.


Need help finding a career that is right for you? Career advisors are available to help students explore different career options that best utilize their identified skills and interests. Students will have the opportunity to meet with a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) counselor as well as have access to a variety of online assessment tools.


Once you have identified a field of interest, further research may be needed. It is important to gather detailed information about occupations related to the career field, as well as any training and education required for the specific career. In addition, you may want to explore salaries, employment trends for the future, and working conditions associated with the career field you are considering so that you can decide if it is the best fit for you!


Once you have completed a self-assessment and explored specific occupations, you are ready to choose a major. Making a career choice early in your academic career will help you plan your classes carefully to ensure the courses you take will count toward your chosen degree.

Students interested in career exploration should go to the Academic Advising Department in Building 27/2nd floor to schedule an appointment.