Counseling Services

2nd Floor, Building 27

Counseling Services are available on a limited basis to the general student population. Referral services to community agencies, when appropriate, are made for students in need of longer term therapeutic counseling services.

Currently the following services are provided:


  • Personal/Crisis Counseling- A counselor is available to students experiencing extreme difficulty in their academic work due to personal crisis or circumstances which are causing anxiety and stress. Brief session(s) aimed at intervention and stabilization so that the student can make the best choice regarding their academic experience can be made.
  • Referral to outside agencies - Should a student require longer-term therapy or other services that the College does not provide, a counselor will work with the student to locate an appropriate community or private agency for evaluation and follow-up. Counselors maintain relationships with community mental health professionals in order to make the referral process easy for STCC students

Confidentiality and its Limits

Underlying the counseling relationship is the principle of confidentiality. This principle assures you that the facts and opinions you reveal about yourself in the course of counseling will be held strictly private and will not be revealed to others without your prior written permission.

However, there are several exceptions to this policy, including:

  • professional-to-professional consultation
  • child abuse/neglect
  • elder abuse/neglect
  • threatening to harm yourself
  • threatening to harm another
  • legal cases related to child custody, hospitalization, or court-ordered evaluation

Concerns about any of these issues may be discussed with your counselor.


To make an appointment for any of the above services, call 413-755-4785 to request an appointment, or go to Building 27/2nd floor. Students in crisis will be seen at any time without an appointment.