Student Support Services (SSS)

The Student Support Services office has a team of professionals to assist you with your studies at Springfield Technical Community College. The SSS staff is committed to monitoring your progress to promote your growth and success in college. We offer guidance and appropriate goal setting throughout your stay at STCC. The college experience is new for many of you and the SSS staff is prepared to ease your transition to an academic setting. We know your studies are most challenging in the beginning; therefore, you will be informed about all of the services available to you to help in your success.

This program assists students to adjust to the college environment and to maximize their potential for success. Services include academic and career advising, orientation and workshops, personal counseling, and a one-semester course. The program emphasizes individual contact with each project participant, and is part of the Student & Multicultural Affairs Division . Student Support Services is located in Building 27, 2nd floor, Room 208; the phone number is (413) 755-4718, and the hours of operation are from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The goal of the Student Support Services Program at Springfield Technical Community College is to offer supportive academic advising to 240 students who have already been accepted to the college. Students must meet certain eligibility criteria to participate in the program per guidelines set up by the US Department of Education.

Eligibility for the SSS Program is determined by the following Federal guidelines:

  • Students who are first in their family to attend college (1st generation)
  • Students from families who do not have the financial ability to pay for college (low income)
  • High school graduates or students with GEDs who have not mastered the prerequisites for college level courses (academic need)
  • Students with physical and or learning disabilities (disability)
  • Students with limited English speaking ability (language)

To find out if you are eligible, print out the application and complete it. Then either drop it off at the Student Support Services office in Building 27, 2nd Floor, Room 208; or mail it to:

Springfield Technical Community College
Attn: SSS Office
One Armory Square
Springfield, MA 01102

Students do not have to meet all of the above criteria to be eligible; however, various combinations of the above categories are considered for eligibility.

  • 4-year college Transfer Assistance
  • Career Exploration
  • College Success Seminar
  • Counseling
  • Financial Aid Assistance
  • Intra-College Transfer Assistance
  • Monitoring
  • Resource Room
  • Tutorial Assistance

Student Support Services FAQ

What is Student Support Services (SSS)?

Student Support Services is an academic support office that provides services to students selected for SSS grant. Many of the students participating in the grant program are General Studies students who have been identified as needing academic support to facilitate success in college. The Student Support Services grant supports approximately 240.

What services are provided by the Student Support Services staff?

The two grant programs under the Student Support Services Office provide the following services:

  • Initial registration, advisement and demographic in-take to qualify students.
  • SSS advisor assignment for grant participants;
  • Continued monitoring of student performance after ICT and faculty advisor assignment.
  • Individualized counseling.
  • Specialized tutorial support.
  • ICT assistance.
  • Provide support in conjunction with ADA Office to select a number of disabled students as outlined by grant.
  • Group guidance through special sections of College Success Seminar (COLL-160) course.
  • Career assessment, planning and guidance.
  • Assist in conjunction with Transfer Placement Office in transfer planning.
  • Provide study skills support.

What tutorial services are available through the Student Support Services Office?

Through grant funds, SSS supports tutorial services for participants under SSS grant. Four professional tutors (four-year degrees in respective disciplines) are on staff to provide support in Math, English and Reading. The SSS tutors are housed in the Student Success Center and available exclusively to grant participants.

What are the guidelines for referring students to Student Support Services?

Procedurally, General Studies students who are not part of the Student Support Services grant program should be referred to the new Liberal Arts Transfer/General Studies Office (Building 17, Room 245). Those students who have been selected for the SSS grant program should be referred to the Student Support Services Office (Building 27, Room 208). All incoming General Studies students, however, should continue to make appointments for initial registration and advising at the SSS Office. Program applications for the SSS grant are available through the SSS Office and after initial in-take information is completed students selection takes place based on satisfying grant eligibility criteria. All other General Studies students are assigned to faculty advisors through the Liberal Arts Transfer/General Studies Office.

Why can't I participate in the Student Support Services grant programs?

Many students who may have friends in the SSS grant program ask this question. Simply put, students must meet strict guidelines set forth by the Federal Department of Education. Although some students may meet the guidelines of the SSS grant, the number of participants is restricted by grant providers. Selections are based on the number of students with the most need and participants who are the "best fit" for the project.

What guidelines/criteria are used in the selection process for grant participants?

The grant, first and foremost, requires that students must be in need of academic support to optimize their success in college. The criteria used for academic need are two or more placement test scores that fall below college level. In addition, the following guidelines are used for SSS grant program:

Student Support Services (combination of the following selection criteria is needed):

  • Need to be first generation college student, i.e. neither parent completed a four-year degree.
  • Need to meet family income guidelines set forth by federal TRIO programs.
  • Students with disabilities automatically qualify.

If I am selected for the grant program, will it affect my financial aid in any way?

Selection to the program will have no adverse affect on your financial aid and your eligibility: on the contrary, if you qualify under the income criteria guideline for the grant, your prospects for receiving aid are in fact enhanced. SSS staff works closely with the Financial Aid Office to ensure maximum aid is awarded to program participants.

What is the relationship between General Studies and Student Support Services?

Students in the grant are selected from a General Studies applicant pool. This applicant pool is made up of all entering, incoming General Studies students for a given semester. Qualified students are then selected to participate in the appropriate grant program.

What does the term "Monitor" mean in relationship to Student Support Services?

Students are initially assigned to the SSS program. These academic advisors provide the services described in question #2. At this level, intensive support is provided to retain students and ensure that college-level functions are achieved. As participants become more focused on career tracks and transfer to academic career programs, the advising role is relinquished to a faculty member in the new department. Grant staff continue to "monitor" the student's performance and render services as outlined by project guidelines together with the faculty advisor.

What if I just want to transfer to a four-year college and not necessarily get a degree from STCC?

The Student Support Services Office has a transfer counselor/specialist who will assist project participants in the transfer process. Students are generally encouraged to attain a two-year degree from our Institution before transferring, however, a degree is not required for transfer assistance to a four-year college.