1. How do I receive tutoring services?

The following subjects are available for tutoring in the Center: All levels of Math, Developmental and College English, Physics, Chemistry, Medical Terminology, Accounting, Finance, Economics. Each tutor has an individual sign-up sheet. Additional Math and English tutoring services are available through those departments. Students looking for tutoring in other subjects are asked to speak to their professors for referral to departmental tutoring.

2. Who can help me register for classes?

Returning students should see their academic ADVISOR during the specified registration period to complete a schedule for the upcoming semester. Incoming students are required to take placement tests and are assigned a One-Stop Registration date during the summer before they begin classes.

3. Where is the (Dean of Students, Counseling, Disability Services, Student Support Services, Co-Op) office located?  

All of the above offices are located in Bldg. 27 on the 2nd floor.

4. Is there anyone available to help me use the computer/software?  

There is a lab tech available for both day and evening hours.

5. Do you have evening hours/services?  

The Student Success Center's hours are 8:00am-7:00pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00am-4:00pm on Friday.

6. Do you have weekend hours?  

There are no weekend hours at the Student Success Center at the present time.

7. Do we have Internet access?  


8. Where is the bookstore? 

The Campus Store is now located in Bldg. 20.

9. What do you do here? 

Computers are available for students to access the Internet for research and use word processing to complete written course assignments. There are several software programs which serve as optional subject-matter tutorials or as required coursework depending upon individual professors' requirements. All campus tutorial services and tutor training programs are coordinated at the Success Center. Returning Adult Student services and advocacy are also available, as is assistance for students experiencing academic standing difficulties. There is also the capability to electronically file financial aid paperwork. During the summer months One-Stop Registration takes place in the Center.