Placement Testing

After a student is accepted to Springfield Technical Community College, the student is required to take placement tests. These tests are designed to reflect the needs of the student in the areas tested. The results of these placement tests are used for scheduling only!  No course credit can be earned through Placement Testing.

CPT Math, CPT Sentence Skills, CPT Reading, and Keyboarding Placement Tests are given on a walk-in basis whenever the Testing and Assessment Center is open. The Center opens at 8am Monday through Friday. Students must arrive no later than 1:30pm for placement testing during the day. The Center is open on some Wednesday evenings.  Call 755-4709 to find out what Wednesday evenings we are open.  Students must arrive by 5:30pm to begin evening placement testing.  The average time taken to complete all  tests is 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

All Placement Tests; CPT Sentence Skills, English Essay, CPT Mathematics, CPT Reading, and Keyboarding are administered by the Testing and Assessment Center Staff. There are computers in room 419 used specifically for placement testing.

During the summer, students accepted into certain majors are scheduled for ONE STOP Placement Testing. These students come to campus on an appointed date and time, attend an orientation, take placement tests and meet with advisors to make out their schedules all on that same day in the Success Center in Building 27.

A Picture ID is required to take any Placement Exam.

Practice Exams: