The Chicopee Savings Bank Endowment for Academic Excellence, the Office of Academic Affairs, and the Honors Program at Springfield Technical Community College are pleased to announce the schedule of events for its Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Ovations Series. This educational and cultural special event series brings to the College locally and nationally acclaimed writers, artists, political figures, and experts in the fields of science and health. All events are open to the public free of charge. For additional information on this series, please contact Professor Philip O'Donoghue at 413-755-4233.

All Ovations events will be held in Scibelli Theater, Scibelli Hall. All events are free, and open to the general public.

Fall 2015

Andrew Zimbalist, Sports Economist: Andrew Zimbalist has been writing about the uneasy relationship between professional sports and local communities for over forty years. Just samplings of his books include Baseball and Billions, Sports, Jobs, and Taxes and The International Handbook on the Economics of Mega-Sports Events. Dr. Zimbalist has consulted in the sports industry for players' associations, cities, companies, teams, and leagues. He will be speaking on Boston's decision to pull out the running to host the World Olympics, and what led to that decision. Thursday, September 17, at 11:00.

Su Meck, Author and Memoirist: Su Meck, who had to cancel her appearance at STCC last year, will be telling her remarkable story. At twenty-two, Su Meck was married, a mother of two, and living the life she had wanted. Then, in a freak accident, a ceiling fan fell on her head, sending her into a coma. When Meck emerged from the coma, she had no memory, no idea who she was, or how to live. She had to learn how to tie her shoes, read, write - and care for two toddlers. Eventually, a series of devastating personal events led her to reevaluate her life - and write a book about it. What emerged was her memoir, I Forgot to Remember - A Memoir of Amnesia. In what the New York Post called, [A] tale of triumph in the search for identity, Su Meck chronicles her search for herself, and a new life. This inspiring memoir includes a return to college in middle age, and I know our students will want to hear this story. Wednesday, October 21, at 10:10 and 11:15.

Justin Kimball, Photographer: For the last 25 years, Justin Kimball has traveled the country, taking photographs of what used to be, and what stories come out of them. His project, Pieces of String has him going into old, abandoned homes, photographing what was left, and attempting to create storylines from there. I use the camera's descriptive power, and the photographic illusion of truth to create the narrative and inspire feelings about its subject... he says in his Artist Statement, Justin Kimball is a Professor of Photography at Amherst College. He has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants, including the Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship in Photography, and the Kittredge Educational Fund at Harvard University. Tuesday, November 17, at 9:30.

Spring 2016

Dan Jones, Writer and Editor: Just in time for Valentine's Day, Dan Jones, editor of the popular New York Times column, Modern Love, will be coming to STCC to share some of the stories he has published. Jones is also the author of the anthology, The Bastard on the Couch, which was written in response to editor and novelist Cathi Hanauer's anthology, The Bitch of the House. Hanuaer, who happens to be Jones' wife, edited Modern Love; with her husband until leaving to write a novel. Jones, who has been called by an interviewer, The male Carrie Bradshaw, will be reading from his columns and books. Friday, February 12, at 10:10 and 11:15.

The Young at Heart Chorus: For over thirty years, the Young at Heart Chorus, a group of talented senior citizens, has, in their own words, created a unique and positive image of aging though the creation of originally staged musical and theater performances that incorporate songs not commonly sung by older Americans. What does mean? It means I Wanna Be Sedated, and Forever Young, among others. The Young at Hear Chorus has toured America and Europe, and was the subject of an award-winning documentary. I know our students will fall in love with this group, as thousands of others already have. March, Date to be Determined.

Life Raft Debate: Last year's unusual amount of Snow Days caused this event to be canceled, but it is coming back again! The Life Raft debate has a very simple premise: humankind has been eradicated, and now a boat is taking off with room for only a few survivors. There is one seat left for an academic - who should have that seat? Who will be the most helpful to start civilization over again? Professors from three different disciplines will be presenting their own cases. Audience members are invited to join the debate. Thursday, April 14, 9:30.