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STCC Campus Map and Virtual Tour - Building 16, Garvey Hall

Building 16, Garvey Hall

This building was dedicated in 1984 in honor of STCC's founding president Dr. Edmond P. Garvey. It was used primarily as the Armory's administration building, although it also served storage, research, and light manufacturing functions. Two bronze plaques flank the main entrance: one commemorates George Washington as the founder of the Armory and shows the site's designation as a National Historic Landmark. The other marks this as a National Mechanical Engineering Landmark.

Three two-story buildings erected on this site between 1817 and 1824 were connected and unified by a third floor during the Civil War. The second and third floors still show the discrepancy in height. The tower was added to balance the tower of the Main Arsenal at the opposite end of the Green.

Departments located in building
  • Academic Affairs
  • Administrative Computer Center
  • Administrative Services
  • Admissions
  • Affirmative Action Office
  • Alumni Association
  • Bilingual Services
  • Center for Student Veterans & Service Members
  • Continuing Education
  • Enrollment Management
  • Financial Aid
  • Foundation
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Online Education
  • President's Office
  • Radio Station WTCC
  • University Without Walls
  • Workforce Development