Personal Enrichment 

The STCC Workforce Development team has put together a selection of Instructor-led and Web-based programs to meet your personal  educational needs.

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English as a Second Language (ESL) Program
Four Levels of English Instruction

Language and Arts (web-based)
STCC Workforce Development Web-based Courses


HiSET, SAT, & MCAS Test Preparation

ZABE-017  HiSET Preparation: Mathematics and Science (17.5 hours)
Fee: $109

ZABE-018 HiSET  Preparation: Language Arts: Reading & Writing and Social Studies (17.5 hours)
Fee: $109

Web-based High school

Assorted Test Prep Courses (web-based)

Fitness & Leisure

ZDEV-068   Personal Trainer National Certification (36 hours)
Fee: $599
October 17 - November 21, Saturdays, 9:00am - 4:00pm

Entrepreneurial Courses

ZDEV-003 Voice-overs: Getting Paid To Talk (2.5 hours)
Fee: $49
December 14th, Monday, 6:30pm - 9:00pm

ZDEV-001 Bartending for Fun and Profit (15 hours)
Fee:  $129


Web-based Education Providers


We offer a wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take entirely over the Internet. All of our courses include expert instructors, many of whom are nationally known authors. Our online courses are affordable (typically less than $100), fast, convenient, and geared just for you.

Courses run for six weeks, and new sessions start monthly. These instructor-facilitated courses are engaging and highly interactive with a new lesson delivered each Wednesday and Friday. On average, students complete each lesson in two hours or less, or just 20-24 hours of instruction time.


Web-based High school


STCC Workforce Development 
Web-based Courses

We offer a wide range of courses that you take entirely over the Internet.  These programs range from short courses (1-8 hours) to comprehensive programs.



Gatlin: Online Career Training Courses

Gatlin Education Services has partnered with STCC to offer over 40 Online career training and continuing education courses that are designed to provide the workforce skills necessary to acquire professional caliber positions for many in-demand occupations. GES offers over 60 online certificate programs in the Allied Health, Computer-Internet, Business, Technical and Construction industries.