Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Certified Renovator:

EPA Certified Lead Renovator - Safety for Remodeling, Repair, and Painting  (8 hours/4 hours)
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Lead Safety for Remodeling, Repair, and Painting Rule Program

"EPA Certified Renovator Program"

If you or your firm are involved with renovation, repair or painting work in homes or child-occupied facilities such as day-care center and schools built before 1978, there is a new EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Program Rule that will affect your and/or your firm. All contractors, renovators, remodelers, painters, maintenance workers, and landlords who perform renovation, repair, and painting that disturb lead-based paint in such facilities were to have at least one “Certified Renovator” on staff by April 22, 2010.

This program will provide participants with information and hands-on experience with lead-safe work practices that reduce the amount of dust produced by renovation activities.  An individual who successfully completes this EPA-approved 8-hour program (or the 4-hour Refresher program if previously trained in an approved, Lead-Safe Work Practices class) will become a "Certified Renovator" as required under the EPA's Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (50 CFR 745).  Certification is good for five years and, in order to maintain certification, the student must take a refresher course PRIOR to their expiration date.

At the class meeting, all participants must provide the instructor with a color, passport-type photograph which will be used for the EPA ID card that will be issued by the instructor to those who successfully complete the program.  Any delay in providing an acceptable photo will result in a delay in issuance of the Certified Renovator ID card required by EPA. 

Course Descriptions

STCC has partnered with Scott Balfour, Certified EPA Accredited Training Provider, to provide EPA accredited training to contractors, property management firms, and anyone who works in pre-1978 homes or child-occupied facilities.  Mr. Balfour has over 28 years of experience in the field and has trained over 8,000 individuals.

The Initial and Refresher courses in Remodeling, Repair, and Painting will cover major topics as follows:

ZTEC-033 Lead Renovator Initial  - Safety for Remodeling, Repair, and Painting (8 hours)
Program Fee:  $199 includes manual and all course supplies
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Topics covered include:

  • Why should I be concerned about lead paint?

  • Regulations

  • Before beginning work

  • Containing dust during work

  • Cleaning activities and checking your work

  • Record keeping

  • Training non-certified renovation workers

  • Hands-on activities

  • Review

  • Test

ZTEC-034 Lead Renovator Refresher - Safety for Remodeling, Repair, and Painting (4 hours)
Program Fee: $129 includes manual and all course supplies
Not Currently Scheduled--call if you have a group and we can arrange a date.


As a Prerequisite, Participants must provide documentation of the completion of an acceptable requirement such as the ZTEC-033 Lead Renovator Initial  training program at the time of registration.

Topics covered include:

  • Regulations

  • Using EPA-recognized test kits

  • Review of prohibited practices, personal protective equipment, and dust control

  • Cleaning activities and checking your work

  • Recordkeeping

  • Training non-certified renovation workers

  • Repeats of hands-on skills assessments as needed

Additional Information

EPA Website - Lead in Paint, Dust, and Soil - EPA Website for information on lead in the Environment

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