HiSET Prep Course: Social Studies and
Language Arts: Reading & Writing
(Replaced G.E.D.)

ZABE-018 HiSET  Preparation: Language Arts: Reading & Writing and Social Studies (27 hours)

Target Audience

This course is designed for individuals who did not graduate from high school and who need assistance in preparing for the equivalency examination. Lecture and in-class practice will focus on the following areas:

Course Description

  • Language Arts - Reading: Comprehension, Inference & Interpretation, Analysis, and Synthesis & Generalization

    • Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in context

    • Draw conclusions or deduce meanings not explicitly present i n the text

    • Determine the main idea, topic or theme of a text

  • Language Arts - Writing: Organization of ideas, Language Facility, Writing Conventions, Development of Ideas, Organization of Ideas

    • Recognize verb, pronoun, and modified forms

    • Grammar

    • Paragraphing

  • Social Studies: Geography, history, economics, political science, and behavioral science

Suggested Enrollment Process

To Enroll Online:

  1.  Click: ‘On Line Registration’ on the left side of this webpage.

  2. Type in ‘HiSET’ and hit 'Submit"

  3. Carefully click the SELECT box for the course that you want to take. There are several choices so make sure you select the right course and dates. 

  4. Enter in your credit card information. Your receipt will be immediately emailed to you. It should have the Building and Classroom for the course.

    • If it does not, check with our office at 755 4225 a few weeks prior to the class to confirm the room numbers.

To Enroll in Person:

Go to STCC Building 15, Room 104 to register for the course

Participants in this course will also be able to use computer software designed to reinforce HiSET instruction and provide opportunities for practice testing. The purchase of textbooks is required.

Students should also enroll in ZABE-017 if preparation in Mathematics and Science is required.

The exams are offered at STCC, through our Authorized Testing Center.