Introduction to Local Area Networks:
For the Beginner


Target Audience

This course is designed for students who have limited exposure to Network technology:
  • Students thinking about starting an IT career

  • Business professionals who needs/wants to have a basic understanding of what his/her IT staff is talking about.

Course Description

Students will explore networking fundamentals; to demystify how network transmissions travel from one PC to another over a network, or from one network to another network. We will explore how Hubs, Switches, and Routers work in relationship to the OSI model. In exploring this technology and the OSI model we will gain a basic understanding of Collision Domains, Broadcast Domains, VLANS, and Firewalls. The course will concentrate on current industry technology such as Ethernet & Wireless Networks and Telephony.  

This introductory seminar will use a combination of lectures and tours to examine the physical and logical layout, as well as the benefits of computer networks. Students will also install a wireless network in the computer lab and then learn how to secure it using encryption.


  • None

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