Local Anesthesia Administration
Certification for the Registered Dental Hygienists

ZDEN-691 Local Anesthesia Administration Certification for the Registered Dental Hygienists (40 hours)
Fee: $1,325 - Includes textbook, course handouts and all laboratory infection control and anesthesia supplies.

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  • Current CPR-AED Certification,

  • Current Dental Hygiene License

  • Proof of Malpractice Liability Insurance

  • REQUIRED TEXT: Malamed S.F., Handbook of Local Anesthesia, St, Louis: C.V. Mosby Inc., 2013, 6th Edition.

  • REQUIRED MATERIALS: Lab coat, safety glasses

    • Students are required to wear clinical scrubs in laboratory sessions and bring a lab coat and approved safety glasses.

  • Participation in the local anesthesia course includes not only the experience of providing anesthesia but also the experience of receiving anesthesia. If you are unable to provide or receive anesthetic injections for physical or physiological reason (i.e. pregnancy, allergies, renal dysfunction) the appropriateness of your participation in this course needs to be reviewed. If you have questions related to these issues contact Sharon Hilton at 755-4910 or shilton@stcc.edu.

Course Description

This course will provide a comprehensive program of study in the Administration of Local Anesthesia. The course will be a challenging intense program designed to prepare the dental hygienist to competently administration local anesthesia for pain management in a safe atraumatic manner. The clinical component of the course will train the dental hygienist to administer the following injections: PSA, MSA, ASA, GP, NP, IA, L, M, I, B, and supplemental infiltration techniques. Educational guidelines established by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry will be strictly adhered to and competency in didactic areas as well as clinical competency in the administration of local anesthetic injections will be required prior to certification.

Upon certification and application the registered dental hygienist will be prepared to take the Northeast Regional Board Examination for Local Anesthesia Administration.

Topics Include

  • Head and Neck Anatomy

  • Anatomical consideration in the administration of local anesthesia

  • Neurophysiology

  • Pharmacology of local anesthetics

  • Pharmacology of local vasoconstrictors

  • Dosage Calculations

  • Clinical action of specific agents

  • Armamentarium

  • Physical and psychological evaluation

  • Basic Injection Techniques

  • Techniques for maxillary anesthesia: posterior superior alveolar, middle superior alveolar and anterior superior alveolar nerve block and infiltration, greater palatine and nasopalatine nerve block.

  • Techniques for mandibular anesthesia: inferior alveolar nerve block, lingual nerve block, buccal nerve block and mental nerve block and supplemental infiltration techniques.

  • Systemic complications

  • Legal Considerations and Recordkeeping

Course Credit: 39 credit hours total

Course Instructors

·         Sharon L. Hilton, BSDH, MEd, Professor, STCC Department of Dental Hygiene

·         Stephanie Zarse, BSDH, MSDH, Adjunct Faculty, STCC Department of Dental Hygiene

·         Stephen H Root, DDS, MAGD, Clinical Consultant, STCC Department of Dental Hygiene