Interior Design Certificate Program


  ZDEV-096  Interior Design Certificate Program
Fee: $840 includes material


Program Description

STCC is proud to offer this certificate program that will allow you the opportunity to learn decorating and design secrets from a professional, Interior Designer Janet Lyon, owner for many years of Janet Lyon Interiors.

 Course Notes

  • A wide variety of field trips and student projects will make the theory and practice of interior design a real "hands-on" experience.

  • Lecture information is provided to each student.


Program Modules

This certificate program is presented in 5 different modules, to allow students to understand and focus on the different concepts that are important in being a successful Interior Designer.

The modules included in this course:

Introduction to Interior Design

  • Understanding Style: create the mood that's just right for your home

  • Patterns, texture, and color including fabric selection and finishes

  • Furniture selection, space planning, and accessories

  • Using the elements and principles of design in your own home

  • "Hot" window fashions

  • Walls, floors, colors and ceiling choices.

Development of individual student design projects including initial concept drawing, drafting basics, working drawings and
specifications, and problem solving.

  • Principles and elements of interior design

  • Scale, proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony

  • Space, shape, mass, line, texture, pattern, light, and color

  • Space planning

History of Design

Each student will be given the same room to restore for a particular family on a budget to the period selected. Boards will be
presented at the completion of the course.

All styles will be discussed in depth to include colors, furniture styles, architecture window treatments and wall coverings for
various periods including:

  • Medieval

  • Rococco

  • Romanticism

  • Art Noveau

  • Renaissance

  • Georgian

  • Victorian

  • Edwardian

  • Baroque

  • Colonial

  • Louis IV, V and VI

  • Frank Lloyd Wright

  • 18th Century

  • Classicism

  • Empire

  • Modern


Students will design windows treatments for five specific windows to show diversity of design using variations and combinations of
fabrics and enhance their designs with wallpaper, furniture choices, and rug selection.

  • Factors to consider when selecting fabrics and finishes including aesthetics, construction, durability,
    maintenance, and environmental

  • Period fabrics: style, fibers, colors and trims

  • Window treatments: design, manufacture, residential, commercial, blinds, and hardware

  • Wall art and wallpaper

  • Rugs: period, fibers, finishes, and care.

Marketing Through Color and Design

Students will complete a project focused on creating a company marketing and advertising plan including graphic design, T.V.,
radio, print and computer ads

  • Color: color wheel, types of schemes, and selecting appropriate schemes on the basis of size,
    proportion, orientation and period

  • Art: what is it, where and how to use it, focal areas, color, and dynamics

  • Window, table-top, and vignette design

Commercial Design

How to work with professionals including architects, draftsmen, general contractors, building inspectors, builders,
plumbers, and HVAC

  • Interior finishes: flooring and wall options

  • Drafting basics: drawing in perspective and drawing in elevation

  • Creating a trendy bistro or spa including color and design, fixture and lighting selection and placement, flooring,
    wall covering, plumbing, etc

  • Design pertinent promotional media for your venue

  • Design signage for your establishment including business cards, letterhead, and web site information

  • Understanding building codes and working with planning boards.

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