Medical Interpreting Certificate Program

Instructor-Led Program

ZALL-021  Medical Interpreting Certificate Program (Instructor-led) (60 hours)
$1,070 includes program manual and Laboratory fees


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Program Description

If you’re bilingual, have good speaking and listening skills, and enjoy working with people, you may have a future as a medical interpreter. Medical interpreters are in great demand nationwide, including here in Massachusetts where interpreters are legally required in acute care hospitals and behavioral health facilities. The Department of Labor Statistics reports “Employment of interpreters and translators is expected to grow 42 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations.”

This 60-hour course provides a working knowledge of the various aspects of medical interpreting such as the standards of practice, ethics, HIPAA regulations, cultural competency, and medical vocabulary development. Students will also have the opportunity to perform role-plays via Skype with individual language coach/facilitators. Each student receives three role-play sessions as part of the course, but can opt to continue working with the language coach upon completion of the course. An experienced medical interpreter working in the field teaches this course.

*The lab fee includes three Skype role-play sessions with a language coach/facilitator.

This program will include:

  • Overview of the profession and professional settings
  • Sight translation
  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting practice
  • Role-playing
  • Note-taking techniques
  • Readings in the field
  • Exercises for building memory and concentration
  • Discussion of practices, standards, and ethics
  • Vocabulary in the medical and legal fields
  • Advice on how to find (and keep) a job as an interpreter

Online Education Program

ZALL-036  Online Medical Interpreting Certificate Program (Web-led) (60 hours)
$1,070 includes program manual and Laboratory fees


  • Students enrolling in the course should be fully bilingual (English-Spanish)
  • Prospective students will be screened for pronunciation, accuracy, comprehension and overall readiness for the course.
  • 18 years or older.

Program Description

Our online Medical Interpreter course is a self-paced, interactive training program that prepares students for careers in the growing field of medical interpretation. The course offers flexibility to access educational material on your own time up to 9 weeks.

 This is a 60-hour course with extensive coverage of:

  • Medical terminology
  • Basic anatomy
  • Common diagnosis and medications

Students will also learn standards of practice, roles of the interpreter, code of ethics, cultural competency, laws and regulations affecting medical interpreters as recommended by the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) and the National Council of Interpreters in Health Care (NCIHC).  One-on-one coaching sessions are scheduled through- out the course to help students practice learned material. Course instructors are skilled medical interpreters and health professionals with extensive clinical experience.

This is a non-credit course offered in collaboration with Med Talk Training, which has received accreditation by the Commission for Medical Interpreters Education (CMIE) for its online Spanish-English Medical Interpreter training program. A division of the IMIA, the CMIE’s mission is to enhance the competiveness of medical interpreting education and provide consistent quality of medical interpreting education. The Med Talk online Medical Interpreting course is one of only a handful in the United States accredited through the IMIA.

Students completing the course with a grade of 70 percent of better will receive a certificate of completion from STCC.

STCC's Authorized Testing Center

STCC's Authorized Testing Center is an Authorized Testing Center for the CCHI CoreCHI Certification
through our partnership with Comira Testing.

This would be an option for those students who want to take the next step.  You are encouraged to discuss this option with your instructor