TCP/IP Networking Essentials


Course Description

This course will explore the TCP/IP protocol suite through an understanding of how the OSI model works.   We will explore the interaction of network communications as it relates to the different layers of the model. In covering the TCP/IP suite we will discuss client IP configurations including: IP Addresses, Subnet Masks, Default Gateways, DNS servers and how DHCP is used to dynamically supply these settings.  Students will also learn how DNS works in resolving Domain names to IP addresses, and how Website URL’s and IP addresses are linked in the global DNS directory system.  Student’s will also learn how to dissect an IP address and subnet mask to quickly determine the host devices Network address, Broadcast address, and the valid range of addresses in it’s network.  With this knowledge, we will explore how to troubleshoot IP networks configured into organizational VLANs.

The seminar will discuss several of the major concepts of TCP/IP including:

  • Major TCP/IP Protocols

  • IP Addressing/Subnet Masking

  • Default Gateways

  • DNS

  • DHCP

  • Ports and Sockets

  • Firewall Concepts

  • VLANs


  • Introduction to Local Area Networks or equivalent experience.

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