New Dental Laser Technology Seminar

ZDEN-624 New Dental Laser Technology Seminar  (2 hours)
Fee: $79


Course Description

This seminar explores New Dental Laser Technology in the Treatment of Periodontitis and Failing Dental Implants.

  •  Misconceptions about LANAP

  •  Periodontal anatomy - brief review

  •  Evolution of Periodontal Regeneration

  • Not all lasers are created equal - you can't change physics!

  •  Literature evidence for LANAP treatment - what do we know?

  •  Results!! Laser cases

  •  How do we get these results? - the LANAP Protocol

  •  Expanding the horizons of dental care - "you're going to try and save what?!"

  •  Complications to long term success

  •  Summary Overview