Managing Multiple Priorities

ZMNG-047 Managing Multiple Priorities (6.5 hours)EANE Logo
Fee: $225



Course Description

This program helps participants learn new strategies to stay in control, set priorities, stay on track and get more done than before. Both managers and non-managers alike are faced with handling multiple assignments each day. Dealing with simultaneous demands often seems overwhelming and it is easy to feel out of control. Emphasis on this program will be placed on practical skills to assist participants to become more organized, make choices, gain cooperation from others, and prioritize. Participants will also have the chance to work specifically on their priority problems and difficult situations.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn methods to identify your major priorities

  • Learn the 5S system to help you become and stay organized

  • Improve your ability to follow up and follow through on assignments

  • Learn how to manager your e-mails instead of them managing you

  • Learn strategies to increase the impact of time control


  • Self Knowledge

  • Prioritizing

  • Time Management


Target Audience

Managers, supervisors and anyone who juggles a multitude of simultaneous work assignments.