Moving Ahead: Being Sure Your Behavior
Brings You Success!

ZMNG-076 Moving Ahead: Being Sure Your Behavior Brings You Success! (3.5 hours)EANE Logo
Fee: $125



Course Description

What's your professional image? How do you handle your behavior in overcoming and resolving negative workplace situations? If is important for success in today's workplace to be positive and proactive; accountable and flexible; cooperative and respectful. Learn how to overcome and resolve workplace situations where ineffective, negative behavior results in poor professional image and possible "career suicide." Build your confidence and credibility by looking, acting and communicating effectively in any professional situation.

Learning Objectives

  • Achieve better work relationships and enhance your professional image

  • Communicate effectively by understanding the power of body language, tone of voice and the impact of words

  • Benefits of building a more positive work environment through enhanced courtesy, cooperation and respect


  • Communication Skills

  • Personal Accountability

  • Working Relationships

Target Audience

Anyone looking to be successful in the working world.