Lean Day:  Introduction to Lean Healthcare

ZTEC-021    Lean Day: Introduction to Lean Healthcare (6 hours)
Fee: $269 includes all materials

Course Description

The concepts of Lean Healthcare and process improvement are sweeping through the healthcare workplace and now you can be a part of it! This program is designed for Nurses/Directors, Administrators/Doctors, Coders/Quality Assurance, Purchasers/Office Staff, Managers and Technicians. In just one day participants will learn how to identify and reduce wasted time, energy and resources on the job.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Increased Patient Satisfaction

  • Reduced Wasted Resources

  • Improved Throughput Times

  • Simplification of Processes

  • Identification of Systems

  • Better Staff Morale

The class itself becomes a hands-on hospital simulation
where you're part of a team and you’ll learn about::

  • Kaizen Tool

  • Process Improvement

  • Work Flow Analysis

  • 5S Tool

  • Eight Forms of Waste

  • Error Proofing

  • Visual Cues

  • Reducing Throughput Times

You'll see how the tools of Six Sigma and 5S fit into the streamlining process and you'll walk away energized and ready to get Lean.

Successful completion of this course plus the ZTEC-004 Six Sigma and ZTEC-333 Statistics (Statistical Process Control) courses will meet the requirement for the Yellow Belt.


This dynamic class is taught by Herb Robbins, a Six Sigma Certified Master Black Belt with over 25 years in the fields of Quality Improvement and Operational Excellence.