Microsoft Word 2013 - Core Level Certification


Course Description

Participants will master a whole new way of word processing using Word 2013. Topics include creating, saving, printing and closing files; using templates; moving and copying text; page breaks; creating tables; spell check, bullets and numbering, and footnotes and endnotes.

Topics include: 

  • Creating and saving files

  • Printing and closing files

  • Editing and formatting text 

  • Tabs and dates

  • Using templates 

  • Indenting and paragraph spacing 

  • Moving and copying text 

  • Headers and footers 

  • Page breaks 

  • Creating tables 

  • Finding and replacing text 

  • Spell check and thesaurus.



Familiar with Windows 7 operations

You should have Office 2013 to practice with at home/work.

Microsoft Certification

This course helps prepare you for the Microsoft Office Specialist - Office 2013 Word Core Level Certification.

The core-level Microsoft Office Word 2013 user should be able to navigate Microsoft Office Word 2013 software at the feature and functional level. They should be familiar with and know how to use at least 80 percent of the features and capabilities of Microsoft Office Word 2013. The core-level user should be able to use Microsoft Office Word 2013 to create and edit professional-looking documents for a variety of purposes and situations. Users would include people from a wide variety of job roles from almost all areas of professional, student, and personal life.