Dean's List

In order to recognize excellence in academic performance, a Dean’s List is published each Fall and Spring semester on the College’s Website and is noted on the official transcript. Matriculated students carrying 12 or more college-level credits and a 3.3 GPA within a semester will be awarded Dean’s List status provided that no grade is less than a “C” (2.0) or an incomplete grade during that semester.  In addition, Dean’s List status will be awarded to matriculated students who have earned a combined total of 12 or more college-level credits with a 3.3 GPA over the previous two consecutive semesters provided that no grade is less than a “C” (2.0) or an incomplete grade in the two semesters being evaluated. Students awarded Dean’s List based on the evaluation of two consecutive semesters will be awarded Dean’s List only in one of the two consecutive semesters.  Summer and Winter semester coursework is not used in the calculation of Dean’s List. (policy revised 12/2016)

We celebrate the accomplishments of the following students who have earned this recognition.

Fall 2017 Dean's List
Abdel-Maksoud, Adel Ali Amherst, MA
Abdul-Rahim, Nusaybah Springfield, MA
Abdul-Rahim, Ruqaiyah Hawwa Springfield, MA
Abdur-Rauf, Aman A Springfield, MA
Aburub, Jumana D East Longmeadow, MA
Acevedo Acosta, Claurelina A Springfield, MA
Achiamaa, Ama West Springfield, MA
Acosta, Lisa Springfield, MA
Adegboyegun, Oluwasegun O East Longmeadow, MA
Adhikari, Krishna Springfield, MA
Adhikari, Nirmala Springfield, MA
Ahmed-Alao, Tijani West Springfield, MA
Akrasi, Sylvia Springfield, MA
Alassan, Marwan Indian Orchard, MA
Al-Bayati, Dalya Chicopee, MA
Albright, Shaylie West Springfield, MA
Alfarone, Argeo Allan Chicopee, MA
Alibozek, Emily May Belchertown, MA
Alicea, Jorge Holyoke, MA
Alkam, Amanda Ahmad Springfield, MA
Allen, Wayne Leverett, MA
Almosuli, Ammar W West Springfield, MA
Alomary, Huthaifa Faisal Springfield, MA
Alvarado, Kenneth Springfield, MA
Alvarez Sanchez, Luciano Srpingfield, MA
Alves, Taylor Bennett Ludlow, MA
Anderson, Robert J Ware, MA
Andreski, Morgan N Springfield, MA
Aponte, Rebekah N Belchertown, MA
Arnold, Abigail Marie Springfield, MA
Arocho, Juan Luis Springfield, MA
Arocho, Keyshaleen Springfield, MA
Arrington, Naisha Indian Orchard, MA
Arsenault, Eric E Springfield, MA
Arthur, Heather Springfield, MA
Arthur, Judith Esi Springfield, MA
Asante, Enock Springfield, MA
Auclair, Ashlee Rose Bondsville, MA
Avezzie, Ryan James Belchertown, MA
Avilez, Anthony Springfield, MA
Awan, Hifzah East Longmeadow, MA
Awkal, Omar Oussama Wilbraham, MA
Baceski, Jessica Mary West Springfield, MA
Bahlke, Sarah A Granby, MA
Bailey-Shaw, Kirstie Nancy Ludlow, MA
Baker, Julia Marie Southwick, MA
Barber, Scott Wayne Feeding Hills, MA
Barker, Kimberly Ann West Springfield, MA
Barkett, Olivia T Longmeadow, MA
Barstow, Heather M Hadley, MA
Bartolomeo, Francesca Southampton, MA
Bates, Courtney M Springfield, MA
Battistini, Victor M Springfield, MA
Bednarzyk, Karly Nicole East Longmeadow, MA
Bedoya, Andrea Springfield, MA
Bedoya-Ocampo, Juliana Springfield, MA
Behlke, Rachel Love Southampton, MA
Bellisario, Lisa Pasqua Springfield, MA
Belliveau, Nicole L Lee, MA
Bellotti, Andrew J Wilbraham, MA
Belskie, Kaylin Marie Somers, CT
Belyshev, Yuliya West Springfield, MA
Benavides, Vania Hatzel West Springfield, MA
Benites, Gabriel Angelo Demelo Chicopee, MA
Benoit, Matthew Belchertown, MA
Benoit, Zachary Evan Chicopee, MA
Bernardi, Nicholas Anthony West Springfield, MA
Bernatchez, Andre P Ludlow, MA
Betancourt, Hillary Springfield, MA
Beyer, Thomas Jacob Easthampton, MA
Bilton, Keith Robert East Longmeadow, MA
Blackburn, Jolene M Springfield, MA
Blanchard, Christopher Matthew Wilbraham, MA
Bonavita, Julia East Longmeadow, MA
Bongiovi, Dominick F Wilbraham, MA
Borowsky, Brenda S Bondsville, MA
Bostan, Vitalie Westfield, MA
Bourgeoise, Christopher East Longmeadow, MA
Bourke, Molly Wilbraham, MA
Bousquet, Joseph Albert Holland, MA
Boutin, Brynn Longmeadow, MA
Boutin, Chandler Thomas Chicopee, MA
Bozak, Timothy E Westfield, MA
Bracci-Walsh, Gianna Rose Ludlow, MA
Bradley, Kristen L Feeding Hills, MA
Bragiel, Dagmara Maria Springfield, MA
Brassard, Michael Thomas Springfield, MA
Brissette, Lisa Marie Granby, CT
Brittingham, Brittanniaa C Springfield, MA
Brodie, Shanae Marie Indian Orchard, MA
Brouillette, Christina S Chicopee, MA
Brown, Shelby Paige Chicopee, MA
Budlong, John S Hampden, MA
Bulat, Svetlana Westfield, MA
Bulbuc, Valentin Holyoke, MA
Bunko, Catherine Ludlow, MA
Burgess, George T. Belchertown, MA
Burgos, Ana Gabriela Springfield, MA
Burgos, Timothy D Holyoke, MA
Burlachenko, Inna Alexandra West Springfield, MA
Burns, Cameron Joshua Springfield, MA
Busiere, Konnor James Enfield, CT
Bustillo, Rodrigo Springfield, MA
Caballero-Leduc, Ana X Springfield, MA
Cabriotti, Dionys Franklin Chicopee, MA
Caldwell, Shannon Springfield, MA
Camareno, Yesenia Chicopee, MA
Cameron, Kymberlee Evon Springfield, MA
Camp, Jonathan Clement West Springfield, MA
Candido, Joseph C Granby, MA
Cannady, Cole Dalton Westfield, MA
Cao, Kevin Chicopee, MA
Capellan, Ivette R Springfield, MA
Capua, Antonio Westfield, MA
Caraballo, David Jr. Springfield, MA
Cardona, Maritza Springfield, MA
Cardona, Oliver Springfield, MA
Carrillo, Brandon Leonardo West Springfield, MA
Carroll, James Manchester, CT
Cartagena, Neco Christopher Springfield, MA
Castillo Polanco, Paul E Springfield, MA
Castro, Karla Michelle Springfield, MA
Castro, Sueheil Springfield, MA
Cater, Brittany Agawam, MA
Causeway, Bernie D Belchertown, MA
Certer-Wasielewski, Laura B New Salem, MA
Charvat, Daniel R Westfield, MA
Chatel, Genesis Marie Holyoke, MA
Chelsau, Tatiana Springfield, MA
Chianciola, Kaila L Feeding Hills, MA
Chobotaru, Tatyana P Agawam, MA
Ciarla, Thomas Gennaro East Longmeadow, MA
Citlak, Tahsin Ludlow, MA
Clark, Conery Michele East Longmeadow, MA
Clarke, Patrick L Springfield, MA
Cloud, Brett M Agawam, MA
Coffey, Joseph D Chicopee, MA
Cohen, Edward L. North Amherst, MA
Cohen, Karly West Springfield, MA
Colby, Mark Wade Greenfield, MA
Collins, Luke Edward Wilbraham, MA
Collins, Spencer Andrew Chicopee, MA
Colon, Shaylie J Springfield, MA
Columbo, Julianna Alicia Belchertown, MA
Coly, Urbain Springfield, MA
Condon, Jeremiah David Springfield, MA
Conner, Nicholas Grant Easthampton, MA
Connon, Christina Noelle Holyoke, MA
Conrad, Alena Marie Springfield, MA
Conroy, Samuel J East Longmeadow, MA
Conroy, Samuel Richard Westfield, MA
Consolmagno, Glen James Marlborough, MA
Coombs, Amanda Springfield, MA
Corbett, Nicholas Jonathan Agawam, MA
Corbin, Adam M Agawam, MA
Cordova, Carlos E Holyoke, MA
Corey, Emma Ann Springfield, MA
Corniffe, Lisanne Latoya Springfield, MA
Cosgrove, Ariana Jean Westfield, MA
Cotton, Bianca Springfield, MA
Coulombe, Laura Ware, MA
Cox, Jason R Springfield, MA
Croze, Christopher Wayne Springfield, MA
Cruz, Jennifer M Springfield, MA
Cruz, Omeiry Springfield, MA
Cruz, Zahira F Indian Orchard, MA
Cruz-Rosario, Orlando E Indian Orchard, MA
Curran, Justin S Westfield, MA
Cutting, Jenna Rhae Westfield, MA
Czerwiec, Adam C Springfield, MA
Dailey, Graham Kenneth Springfield, MA
Dakar, Tenzin Springfield, MA
Dal Zovo, Tia Elizabeth West Springfield, MA
Dansereau, Kaitlyn Palmer, MA
Daponde, Angela M Springfield, MA
Dauphin, Trent Joseph Somers, CT
Davila, Destiny Ivelisse Springfield, MA
Davis, Ian C Russell, MA
Davis, Lashawna N Springfield, MA
Davis, Spenser Thomas Pittsfield, MA
Dean, Brandi M. Feeding Hills, MA
Decesare, Anthony D Springfield, MA
Degroff, Chelsea L North Adams, MA
Deleon, Karolin Maria Springfield, MA
Delgado, Juana Lynee Springfield, MA
Delore, Samuel C II Springfield, MA
Delvalle, Joshua D Agawam, MA
Dempsey, Christine Diane Monson, MA
Deotte, Kelly West Brookfield, MA
Dermody, Jordan Elizabeth Easthampton, MA
Derose, Angelina Marie Feeding Hills, MA
Desir, Veronique Springfield, MA
Devins, Shawn Richard West Springfield, MA
Deyo, Jennifer Springfield, MA
Diaz, Naomi Longmeadow, MA
Dickinson, Steven Hinsdale, NH
Diep, Tram Agawam, MA
Dimuzio, Emily P Ludlow, MA
Dinobile, Ekaterina Springfield, MA
Dooney, Timothy Springfield, MA
Dorman, Timothy John Chicopee, MA
Dowd, Timothy Ryan Springfield, MA
Drucker, Natalie K Agawam, MA
Ducharme, Jensen Taylor Ludlow, MA
Duke, Kyara M West Springfield, MA
Duncan, Albert D East Longmeadow, MA
Duncan, Gina West Springfield, MA
Dunn, Timothy P Jr. Springfield, MA
Duran Ibes, Yasmin Esmeralda Springfield, MA
Durazo, Erin C Williamsburg, MA
Easley, Desare E Ludlow, MA
Eddington, Tanea Janay Springfield, MA
Edgley, Jenna N Westfield, MA
Egerton, Brittany M Westfield, MA
Eggleston, Stephen Donald West Springfield, MA
Ekmalian, Katelyn Springfield, MA
Ellis, Bradley W. Westfield, MA
Emmonds, Brad Russell, MA
Encarnacion, Eliezer E Springfield, MA
Escobar, Felix S Springfield, MA
Estevez, Amanda Springfield, MA
Everard, Joshua Springfield, MA
Everett, Marie N Springfield, MA
Falcetti, Jonathan J Indian Orchard, MA
Falconer, Zachary Martin Ludlow, MA
Farnum, David Anthony Monson, MA
Farooqui, Danial Ahmed East Longmeadow, MA
Farouk, Mariam U Feeding Hills, MA
Fauteux, Alex Paul Bondsville, MA
Favreau, Jeremy Hunter Springfield, MA
Feliciano, Natanael Julio Ludlow, MA
Feliu, Michelle N Enfield, CT
Ferrara, Sheyanne Allen Chicopee, MA
Ferreira, Brendan Z Ludlow, MA
Ferreira, David Springfield, MA
Ferris, Zachary Thomas Southwick, MA
Figueroa, Abdiel Ivan Springfield, MA
Figueroa, Zuleika M Springfield, MA
Filiault, Phalyn R Springfield, MA
Finch, Alicia Christine Wilbraham, MA
Fitzgerald, Kathryn Peabody, MA
Fitzgerald, Mark Anthony Springfield, MA
Fitzpatrick, Patricia Ann Springfield, MA
Flaherty, Thomas Patrick Westfield, MA
Flowers, Steven Anthony Ludlow, MA
Foley, Timothy R Westfield, MA
Footit, Christopher John East Longmeadow, MA
Forbes, Kaitlyn Ashley East Longmeadow, MA
Forget, Nicole M Ludlow, MA
Fournier, Rachel H South Hadley, MA
Fournier, Tiffany Renee Springfield, MA
Franklin, Megan R Honolulu, HI
Frater, Kezia Lena Springfield, MA
Freitas, Kailee Belchertown, MA
Frey, Lukas J Springfield, MA
Fricke, Bethany Ashton Ware, MA
Fricke, Kaitlyn Ware, MA
Frimpong, Eric Adjei Springfield, MA
Fuentes, Delia Marie Agawam, MA
Fuller, Brandy Leigh Belchertown, MA
Fullerton, Emily East Longmeadow, MA
Gaboury, Erica Lee Brimfield, MA
Gagnon, Gerald Anthony Chicopee, MA
Gagnon, Heather L West Springfield, MA
Garcia, Dayanara Springfield, MA
Garcia, Percy Andrea West Springfield, MA
Garden, Angelique C Southbridge, MA
Gaudette, Cheri Marie Chicopee, MA
Gavel, Stefany West Springfield, MA
Gazda, Haleigh Elizabeth Westfield, MA
Geddis, Andrea N Southwick, MA
Geletyuk, Konstantin West Springfield, MA
Gerber, Chad Ellington, CT
Gilbert, Colin Westfield, MA
Gillespie, Heather Therese Westfield, MA
Girard, Alyssa Y Agawam, MA
Girard, Tyler Wilbraham, MA
Glassman, Daniel Ludlow, MA
Goldberg, Alexander Longmeadow, MA
Gomes, Elias Dias Chicopee, MA
Gomez, Jesse Jon Florence, MA
Goncalves, Briana Ludlow, MA
Gonzalez, Edeline Springfield, MA
Gonzalez, Janette Springfield, MA
Gonzalez, Natalia Springfield, MA
Gonzalez-Ramirez, Edwin Jr. Springfield, MA
Goonan, Michael P Wilbraham, MA
Gordon-Ross, Alyssa L Chicopee, MA
Goulbourne, Martise Camille Springfield, MA
Goulet, Ryan M West Springfield, MA
Grandy, Kamela E Springfield, MA
Grano, Troy T Southwick, MA
Gray, Alexa S Springfield, MA
Grenier, Nathan Paul Ware, MA
Griffin, Brendan Springfield, MA
Griffin, Brian D Chicopee, MA
Griffith, Sean R East Longmeadow, MA
Grusetchi, Alisa Westfield, MA
Gu, Yiting Springfield, MA
Guberow, Wojciech Indian Orchard, MA
Guerrette, Danielle Ann Russell, MA
Gula, Steven J Chicopee, MA
Gurney, Kaitlin Monson, MA
Guzman, Yaritza Springfield, MA
Hackett, Samuel Joseph Hampden, MA
Hackett, Sarah Irene Ludlow, MA
Halgas, Stephanie A Ware, MA
Hall, Stephanie D Chicopee, MA
Halpin, Justin W Southwick, MA
Harlow, Jacob Lincoln Westfield, MA
Harney, Nicholas Palmer, MA
Harrington-Ouellette, Kathleen Elizabeth West Springfield, MA
Harris, Steve Dallas III Springfield, MA
Hassoon, Bassam Ali West Springfield, MA
Hassoon, Husam Ali West Springfield, MA
Hastings, Shannon C Ludlow, MA
Hau, Micah Ludlow, MA
Hayden, Michael John Springfield, MA
Heathman, Keisha M Springfield, MA
Hebert, Eric Thomas Ware, MA
Hendrix, Stephanie L Springfield, MA
Hernandez, Merita Annetta Springfield, MA
Herrera, Vincent Chicopee, MA
Hevy, Lauren Elisabeth North Brookfield, MA
Hicks, Joseph Ludlow, MA
Holdsworth, Alexis Mary Ludlow, MA
Holmes, Katelyn M Hampden, MA
Houle, Kirsten E Westfield, MA
Howard, Shelbie E Springfield, MA
Hoy, Delaney Theresa Bondsville, MA
Huynh, Cuong Springfield, MA
Ibrahim, Zakiyya West Springfield, MA
Ilnicky, Kadie Nicole Feeding Hills, MA
Irujo, Colin Westfield, MA
Jackson, Adrianna Mae Warren, MA
Jacques, Edward J Springfield, MA
Jacques, Jillian Troy Springfield, MA
James, Samantha V Springfield, MA
Janczulewicz, Anthony J Hampden, MA
Jaworski, Weronika Julia Chicopee, MA
Jean, David Easthampton, MA
Jenkins, Chelan D East Longmeadow, MA
Johnson, Connor Borg South Windsor, CT
Johnson, Robin K North Canton, CT
Jones, Donnette Springfield, MA
Jones, Jasmine Springfield, MA
Jones, Kathleen K Chicopee, MA
Jorge, Jennifer Springfield, MA
Joubert, Arthur Henry Jr. Springfield, MA
Julian, Danielle Alexandra Chicopee, MA
Jumba, Branice Mutambi Springfield, MA
Kalamarakis, Zoe R West Springfield, MA
Kapoor, Jasmine East Longmeadow, MA
Karpolyuk, Julia Chicopee, MA
Katykhina, Irina West Springfield, MA
Kay, Liam Nicholas Monson, MA
Kayego, Christian M West Springfield, MA
Kelleher, Caitlyn D Wilbraham, MA
Kellogg, Mitchell J Springfield, MA
Kennedy, Cormac Longmeadow, MA
Kennedy, Hanna Rose West Springfield, MA
Kennemur, Cody Westfield, MA
Kenneson, Monique Marie South Hadley, MA
Kenny, Kerry B Wilbraham, MA
Kharel, Indra Springfield, MA
Khdeer, Bilal Qaiss Springfield, MA
Khun, Ratana Chicopee, MA
Kielbasa, Christopher J Belchertown, MA
Kielbowicz, Scott Northampton, MA
Kim, Jain Wilbraham, MA
Kobee, Jill M Springfield, MA
Kocot, Louis Valerian South Hadley, MA
Kolesnichenko, David Andrey West Springfield, MA
Kolesnik, Ella S West Springfield, MA
Kollar, Emily Marie Springfield, MA
Kopyscinski, Marissa Lyn South Hadley, MA
Kordas, Jacob Southwick, MA
Korman, Sarah Elizabeth Springfield, MA
Koval, Jessica Julia Indian Orchard, MA
Kovalenko, Anna Westfield, MA
Kovalenko, Vera Westfield, MA
Krasun, Kristina Margarita Westfield, MA
Kuropatkin, Victoria Springfield, MA
La, Max P Agawam, MA
Ladeau, Hillary Granby, MA
Lamoutte, Javier Springfield, MA
Landry, Alyssa Marie Chicopee, MA
LaPan, Christopher R Southwick, MA
Lara, Wileyka Springfield, MA
Laroche, Gregory Michael Chesterfield, MA
Lavar, Hanna West Springfield, MA
Lavender, Ki'mari Marline Springfield, MA
Lavertu, Kendall Easthampton, MA
Lavigne, Julia Christina Chicopee, MA
Lavoie, Erin M Feeding Hills, MA
Lawrence, Sarah Morgan West Springfield, MA
Le, Alvin N Springfield, MA
Le, Hoang Thi Bich East Longmeadow, MA
Leblanc, Sarah M Springfield, MA
Leclair, Brendon Nikolas East Longmeadow, MA
Leconte, Joel Adam Chicopee, MA
Ledwith, Amanda C Springfield, MA
Lefebvre, Brianna Kaitlyn Ludlow, MA
Leung, Christina Springfield, MA
Levkulich, Sarah J Feeding Hills, MA
Lewis-Brawner, Shanice Indian Orchard, MA
Le-Zabarsky, Eric Vinh Longmeadow, MA
Libiszewski, Lauren Lynn Monson, MA
Liquori, Sophia Maria Springfield, MA
Loboda, Eduard Ivanovich Westfield, MA
Lopez, Ariana S Springfield, MA
Lopez, Dariel J Holyoke, MA
Lopez, Sebastian Gil Springfield, MA
Love, Jurrell William West Springfield, MA
Lucio, Emily Springfield, MA
Ludwig, Morgan Florence, MA
Ludwin, Aimee Chicopee, MA
Lukina, Diana Southampton, MA
Lyons, Joseph Pavel West Springfield, MA
Lyszchyn, Emelie South Hadley, MA
Maaloee, Matthias Wilbraham, MA
MacDougall, Tiffany Kathleen Springfield, MA
Machuca, Lorena G Holyoke, MA
Machuca, Sade Springfield, MA
Maciaszek, Adam K Chicopee, MA
Madsen, Rachel Anne Holyoke, MA
Maez, Ashley M Chicopee, MA
Mahdi, Ayat Mohanad West Springfield, MA
Mainali, Yadhav Springfield, MA
Maisonet, Barbara Marie Springfield, MA
Major, Daniel A Wilbraham, MA
Makusiewicz, Morgan Rose Ludlow, MA
Malo, Jennifer Marie Granby, MA
Mangine, John W Springfield, MA
Manuel, Christina L Ludlow, MA
Manzi, Zulfiqar Kassim Springfield, MA
Marafuga, Anthony Lucio Chicopee, MA
Marcil, Richard James Southwick, MA
Marius, Karriem Springfield, MA
Marquardt, Shawn Somers, CT
Marquez, Angie Vanessa West Springfield, MA
Marquez, Keiry R West Springfield, MA
Marrero, Diego Springfield, MA
Marsian, Nicholas T Springfield, MA
Marte, Richard Springfield, MA
Martin, Michael Anthony Feeding Hills, MA
Martinez, Jacob Springfield, MA
Martinez, Maxine Ivy Springfield, MA
Martinez, Rodney Jr. Springfield, MA
Martinez, Sasha Springfield, MA
Masters, Kara A West Springfield, MA
Mastrio, James Wilbraham, MA
Mateo, Carol M Springfield, MA
Mateo, Xiomara Enid Springfield, MA
Matias, Odalys Springfield, MA
Mattoon, Kimberlee Izzibelle Westfield, MA
Matvejuk, Evelina Springfield, MA
Maynard, Pamela A Feeding Hills, MA
Mazloum, Ghadeer Zoalfoukar Springfield, MA
McCants, London G Springfield, MA
McDonald, Jeffrey Chicopee, MA
McDonough, Alexis D Springfield, MA
McGovern-Contreras, Antonio Ramon Springfield, MA
McKellick, Lessa Anne Chicopee, MA
Medina, Alex Springfield, MA
Medina, Maribel Springfield, MA
Melbourne, Paige Springfield, MA
Meleady, Thomas Michael Jr. Wilbraham, MA
Melnychuk, Sofia Westfield, MA
Menard, Heather Kathleen South Hadley, MA
Mendoza, Joseph Nathan Springfield, MA
Menz, Opal Joy Springfield, MA
Mercado, Kaitlyn Springfield, MA
Metz, Jason M Feeding Hills, MA
Mian, Qarsam West Springfield, MA
Michalek, Jessica M West Springfield, MA
Mihalak, Elizabeth Ann Agawam, MA
Mikkelsen, Elizabeth Ashley Chicopee, MA
Miles, Danielle D Springfield, MA
Milledge, Jayna A Holyoke, MA
Minutolo, Christine West Hatfield, MA
Mitus, Peter M Westfield, MA
Mkrtchian, Margaryta Westfield, MA
Modzelewski, Paul Chicopee, MA
Molina, Eddie Springfield, MA
Mongeon, Jessie A East Longmeadow, MA
Montemagni, David M Chicopee, MA
Monts, Julianna K Springfield, MA
Moore, Alhia B Chicopee, MA
Morales, DeAnna Springfield, MA
Morales, Hailey Ann Springfield, MA
Morales, Jamylex Idalis Chicopee, MA
Morales Delgado, Ivelianisse Westfield, MA
Moraru, Inna Wilbraham, MA
Moriarty, Cole East Longmeadow, MA
Morton, Meghan Rita Holyoke, MA
Moshkovskiy, Vladislav V Westfield, MA
Mouser, Sarah E West Springfield, MA
Muhammad, Ibn Husein Springfield, MA
Muir, Loy Y Springfield, MA
Mulombe, Jennifer N Belchertown, MA
Murphy, Abigail E Monson, MA
Murphy, Kathleen Frances Feeding Hills, MA
Murray, Michael W Pittsfield, MA
Murray, Nathaniel Joseph Springfield, MA
Mustafa, Hamza Longmeadow, MA
Myslinski, Eric Joseph Chicopee, MA
Naji, Naji K Springfield, MA
Nash, Jin Agawam, MA
Nawrocki, David E Chicopee, MA
Ndlovu, Saibo N Springfield, MA
Negron, Carlos Luis Chicopee, MA
Nepus, Sara Tia Springfield, MA
Nesterov, Oxana West Springfield, MA
Neville, Michelle A West Springfield, MA
Newton, Spencer Wilbraham, MA
Nguyen, Nam N Springfield, MA
Nguyen, Nu L Springfield, MA
Nguyen, Truong Nhat Springfield, MA
Nguyen, Vi L Springfield, MA
Nguyen, Vivian Xuan Longmeadow, MA
Nieves, Ezequiel Holyoke, MA
Nieves-Ramos, Angel Gabriel Springfield, MA
Nolan, Matthew Robbert Ellington, CT
North, Alec A Monson, MA
North, Daniel J Florence, MA
Novak, Chrystal R Springfield, MA
O'Connor, Andrew Brian Granby, MA
O'Connor, Ryan C Three Rivers, MA
Okhrimenko, Ekaterina V West Springfield, MA
Okhrimenko, Maria Westfield, MA
Okhrimenko, Yelena Y Westfield, MA
Olmo, Edward Antonio Chicopee, MA
O'Neill-Abel, Charles Holyoke, MA
Orlov, Ana West Springfield, MA
Orszulak, Walter E Wilbraham, MA
Ortega, Christopher L Springfield, MA
Ortegas, Nora Celena West Springfield, MA
Ortiz, Aleysha Springfield, MA
Ortiz, Brian Javier Wilbraham, MA
Ortiz, Jovan Westfield, MA
Ortiz-Valentin, Nathalie Holyoke, MA
Osgood, Ariel M Chicopee, MA
Owen, Craig T Feeding Hills, MA
Owens-Imbody, Zorana L Ludlow, MA
Owusu, Cephas Y Springfield, MA
Owusu-Ansah, Emmanuella Indian Orchard, MA
Packard, Kyle Frederick Springfield, MA
Pagan, Daniel Springfield, MA
Page, Emmalee Anne Jr. Chicopee, MA
Palermo, Luz Maria Springfield, MA
Pandolfi, Jeffrey Andrew Belchertown, MA
Paquette, Griffin B Granby, MA
Paredes-Machado, Nilda S Springfield, MA
Parent, Jarrod D Springfield, MA
Parker, Azaziah Sheba Springfield, MA
Parmer, Anthony D Springfield, MA
Parzych, Alicia Springfield, MA
Pasieka, Agata Malgorzata Ludlow, MA
Patel, Janvi Ritesh Springfield, MA
Paul, Brianna Mae Agawam, MA
Paul, Keri Lynn Marie Springfield, MA
Payne, Miranda Louise Monson, MA
Peck, Pamela Springfield, MA
Pena, Keylin Springfield, MA
Penalbert, Emily Springfield, MA
Perella, Jessica D Holyoke, MA
Perez, Ariana Elizabeth Springfield, MA
Perez, Devin M East Longmeadow, MA
Perez, Natalie Springfield, MA
Perez, Natasha C Indian Orchard, MA
Perez, Violet Springfield, MA
Petlock, Gabrielle Anne Southampton, MA
Petrolati, Drew C Ludlow, MA
Petrone, Christopher John Westfield, MA
Petty, Matthew J Springfield, MA
Pham, Kevin West Springfield, MA
Pham, Vuong Tuan Amherst, MA
Phoenix, Raymond E II Ludlow, MA
Piedra, Amber A Chicopee, MA
Pirogova, Anastasiya Agawam, MA
Piwcio, Stacey Lee Monson, MA
Pleshaw, Christine West Brookfield, MA
Poehler, Gary David Granby, MA
Poon, Voshon Glenn Springfield, MA
Popa, Anastas'ya Wilbraham, MA
Pope, Maya Nicole East Longmeadow, MA
Poremba, Kelli East Longmeadow, MA
Poudel, Muna Springfield, MA
Poudrier, Lisa Marie Greenfield, MA
Pouliot, Zoe Nicole Westfield, MA
Powell, Danielle M Springfield, MA
Powers, Jenna Kate Huntington, MA
Provencher, Courtney West Hatfield, MA
Provost, Sabrina Yvonne Granville, MA
Quenneville, Benjamin R Chicopee, MA
Rafay, Stephanie Ann Agawam, MA
Ramos, Zachary Alexander Wilbraham, MA
Randall, Paige E South Hadley, MA
Rawana, Julissa Mariel Chicopee, MA
Raymond, Krista M Westfield, MA
Reardon, Erika Enfield, CT
Reed, Kristy Robyn Longmeadow, MA
Rehbein, Carisa C Southampton, MA
Rehman, Umer Wilbraham, MA
Reilly, John Joseph Brimfield, MA
Reno, William E Ludlow, MA
Resto, Elizabeth Springfield, MA
Restrepo, Sebastian Springfield, MA
Reyes, Alexia E Ludlow, MA
Reyes, Irmayline Springfield, MA
Reyes, Tainacoral Chicopee, MA
Rheaume, Theresa A Ludlow, MA
Rice, Adam F Three Rivers, MA
Riley, Lindsay R Ludlow, MA
Risner, Heidi Brattleboro, VT
Rivera, Diana I Springfield, MA
Rivera, Maria L Chicopee, MA
Roach, Karisma E Chicopee, MA
Robar, Alexis Springfield, MA
Roberson, Talysha Elizabeth Belchertown, MA
Robie, Tyler George East Longmeadow, MA
Robles, Jose Springfield, MA
Roby, Jessica L Springfield, MA
Rodriguez, Hector R Springfield, MA
Rodriguez, Jacob Springfield, MA
Rodriguez, Kenneth Alfredo Springfield, MA
Rodriguez, Lidia Marie Chicopee, MA
Rodriguez, Monika Springfield, MA
Rodriguez, Natalia Marie Springfield, MA
Rodriguez, Stephanie Marie Ludlow, MA
Rodriguez, Stephanie Chicopee, MA
Rogers, Nicholas Scott Westfield, MA
Rogozhina, Alla West Springfield, MA
Rolon, Lyanne Springfield, MA
Roman, Ferik Jouriel Springfield, MA
Rosado, Fernando Luis Holyoke, MA
Rosario, Darius Ludlow, MA
Rosario, Lineisha Marie Agawam, MA
Rose, Robert Hampden, MA
Ross, Samantha East Longmeadow, MA
Rosulschi, Natalia West Springfield, MA
Roy, Neil E Chicopee, MA
Royce, Michelle L Stafford Springs, CT
Rubio Santiago, Idairis Springfield, MA
Ruggiero, Emma Kate Belchertown, MA
Runions, Joseph Andrew Chicopee, MA
Russell, Janet S Springfield, MA
Ruth, Aldyn Lee Springfield, MA
Ryan, Ashley Ann Westfield, MA
Ryan, Kara M Agawam, MA
Rybinski, Jacqueline Marie Feeding Hills, MA
Safarik, Christopher Michael Agawam, MA
Sagan, Kage J Monson, MA
Salier, Danielle Springfield, MA
Salvini, Megan Mikayla Westfield, MA
Sanchez-Santiago, Rosa M Palmer, MA
Santa, Nyesha Lee Chicopee, MA
Santiago, Jayme Springfield, MA
Santiago, Kiomarie Springfield, MA
Santiago, Patricia L Longmeadow, MA
Santos-Arbo, Anthony L Ludlow, MA
Santucci, Cole Robert Ludlow, MA
Saravia-Castillo, Pedro Alexander Springfield, MA
Saso, Lauren Elizabeth Wilbraham, MA
Savage, Darlene G Springfield, MA
Savoie, Brielle Jardin Agawam, MA
Sayedi, Nilofar West Springfield, MA
Schinabeck, Hunter Christian Ludlow, MA
Schneider, Naomi Elizabeth Ellington, CT
Schneider, Samantha Elizabeth Longmeadow, MA
Schutz, Hagan Holland, MA
Seabury, Austin J West Springfield, MA
Serrano, Richard A Belchertown, MA
Sexton, Robert John Chicopee, MA
Shapkin, Vladislav Alexandrovic West Springfield, MA
Shea, Ashley Wilbraham, MA
Shea, John J Jr. Agawam, MA
Shea, Matthew S Three Rivers, MA
Sheets, Leah April East Longmeadow, MA
Sheikh, Zoha Springfield, MA
Shepard, Amber Kapri Springfield, MA
Sheppard, Briyanna Wilbraham, MA
Siddiquee, Razia Amherst, MA
Sierra, Alexander Springfield, MA
Simmons, Richard Springfield, MA
Singh, Amrit Pal West Springfield, MA
Skala, Christopher Richard Wilbraham, MA
Skemer, Kyle D Springfield, MA
Skorupa, Kevin J Wendell, MA
Slater, Brooklyn Springfield, MA
Smith, Nicole Marie Springfield, MA
Solivan, Hasaan D Springfield, MA
Soto, Fabian Devante Springfield, MA
Staples, Jamie V Amherst, MA
Stepanchuk, Dmitriy Westfield, MA
Stewart, Samarlie Hartford, CT
Suarez, Jillian A Springfield, MA
Sutherland, Taylor Chante Monson, MA
Swiatlowski, Aleksandra Chicopee, MA
Sycheva, Alina Michelle West Springfield, MA
Szmyt, Kathryn Emily Ludlow, MA
Talla, Oumar C Exeter, NH
Tamang, Ash West Springfield, MA
Tardiff, Matthew Windsor Locks, CT
Tarjick, Skyler Springfield, MA
Tasayeva, Gulkhanym A West Springfield, MA
Taylor, Mary-Jo E Springfield, MA
Teixeira, Brandon Ludlow, MA
Tereshchuk, Vitaliy A Russell, MA
Tetrault, Michael J Westfield, MA
Thapa, Ganga Ram Springfield, MA
Therrien, Thomas W Chicopee, MA
Thibault, Ryder P Springfield, MA
Thibeault, Brittany L West Brookfield, MA
Thomas, Jessica Rachel Huntington, MA
Thomas-Smith, Lana Katrina Springfield, MA
Thore, Alyx Northamtopn, MA
Tiago, Adam Ludlow, MA
Tillman, Lakeisha M Chicopee, MA
Timofei, Angela West Springfield, MA
Timoshenko, Yelena A West Springfield, MA
Toelken, Jessica L Ware, MA
Tomlinson, Karl M Wilbraham, MA
Tompkins, Laura M Palmer, MA
Torres, Garrett Parker Enfield, CT
Torres, Kilene N Indian Orchard, MA
Tosado, Aisha Springfield, MA
Tourville, Heather M Thorndike, MA
Trabal-Trujillo, Arianna Springfield, MA
Tracz, Kyle Palmer, MA
Trainor, Jacklyn J Ludlow, MA
Tran, Lily Springfield, MA
Tran, Nhan Springfield, MA
Trask, Guy T Chicopee, MA
Trombley, Lanae Schneider Tolland, CT
Trudell, Donovan E Springfield, MA
Umamaheswaran, Jonathan West Springfield, MA
Vachon, Gregory R Three Rivers, MA
Vadakkepat, Dhanya Ellington, CT
Valdes, Kevin Springfield, MA
Vargas, Edin Springfield, MA
Vasquez, Elizer Springfield, MA
Vazquez, Luis A Springfield, MA
Vazquez, Rose V Springfield, MA
Vega, Mark D Chicopee, MA
Vega, Yesenia M Springfield, MA
Velazquez, Samuel Holyoke, MA
Veliz, Kaina Christine Springfield, MA
Vella, Matthew A Agawam, MA
Vieu, Sara J Chicopee, MA
Villar-Hunter, Nancy West Springfield, MA
Vivenzio, Jamel Giovanni Springfield, MA
Vo, Minhtriet Springfield, MA
Volkov, Iliia S Springfield, MA
Voll, Joseph Taylor Amherst, MA
Vorobey, Yana West Springfield, MA
Vovk, Liza West Springfield, MA
Vovk, Timophey A West Springfield, MA
Vredenburg, Victoria Anne Southwick, MA
Waters, Kimberly Shelburne Falls, MA
Wehr, Zachary J Monson, MA
Weibel, Kelsey L Chicopee, MA
Welch, Wesley A Indian Orchard, MA
Wellington, Brittany Marie Monson, MA
Wentworth, Nicholas Enfield, CT
White, Amanda L Three Rivers, MA
White, Jordan Christina Springfield, MA
White, Kenneth Andrew Longmeadow, MA
White, Ryan A Southwick, MA
Whitney, Sarah Anne Springfield, MA
Wilkinson, Emilie Alysa Springfield, MA
Williams, Clarence Ray Springfield, MA
Williams, Kristin T Springfield, MA
Wilson, Elizabeth A Chicopee, MA
Wilson, Emoni Y Springfield, MA
Wolak, James M New Britain, CT
Wood, Nathan John Springfield, MA
Wood, Tehya Elizabeth Springfield, MA
Woolsey, Theodore K Springfield, MA
Wos, Michal Andrzej Wilbraham, MA
Wuest, Caroline E Hadley, MA
Wyckoff, Laura Agawam, MA
Yehle, Kristie Lynne Manchester, CT
Zaitoun, Baraa Springfield, MA
Zalivchii, Daniel Aleksandr West Springfield, MA
Zamboni, Mya Lee Wilbraham, MA
Zdonick, Alexander E Longmeadow, MA
Zhu, Huiqing Springfield, MA
Ziccardi, Anthony Richard Fall River, MA
Zizik, Brian Matthew Springfield, MA