Ryan Lombardini

A student and professor

Ryan Lombardini (left) and Julian "Skip" Tenczar

  • Degree Awarded: AS in Electrical Engineering Technology
Because of the skills I learned at STCC, I’ve had many job offers.

“I was the kid in grade school who always built things with Legos and used the batteries or motors out of small household appliances, like my mom’s blender, to power the Lego machine. I was always fascinated with electricity and wanted to be an electrician. What I love about STCC’s Electrical Engineering Technology program is that it’s hands on; I actually wired and built circuit boards. I loved my robotics class. It brought me back to what I used to do as a kid. Because STCC is smaller than a university I saw my advisor every day. There were four students per lab. As an entrepreneur, I started my own Home Audio & Security System business. I currently work for a company designing and building custom laser welding and cutting systems. Because of the skills I learned at STCC, I’ve had many job offers. I’ll be continuing my education at Central Connecticut State University to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering Technology.“  Ryan Lombardini 

“Ryan has an engineer’s mind and coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, his future is limitless.”  Julian “Skip” Tenczar, Staff Assistant, School of Engineering Technologies & Math 

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