Trent Guihan

A student and professor

Trent Guihan (left) and Professor Sharon Sheng

  • Degree Awarded: Associate in Science & Engineering Transfer
STCC’s affordability allowed me to figure out my career path.

“My path to and from STCC has had a lot of interesting twists and turns. In high school I didn’t study calculus or physics. I certainly wasn’t thinking about a career as an engineer.

I first came to STCC to study entrepreneurship to learn how to start my own business utilizing my carpentry skills.  I developed a business plan to create a remodeling and building company that would use only recycled materials.

I was fortunate to win an Entrepreneurial Spirit Award through the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. After graduating with an Associate in Science in Business Administration, I started my own successful business, Guihan Home & Yard.  That experience led me back to STCC and the School of Science & Engineering Transfer to study civil engineering.

STCC’s affordability allowed me to figure out my career path. I’m interested in structural engineering, particularly bridge foundations. Professor Sheng constantly used the phrase 'when you’re an engineer,' prepping us for the next level. She inspired our work ethic with very high standards for homework as proof that we were ready for industry. I’ll be continuing my education in the fall at the Commonwealth Honors College at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst to study Civil Engineering.”  Trent Guihan

“Trent is an intelligent and highly driven student. Studying to become a civil engineer, he strived to understand and apply what was being taught to get the most out of every class. We are all proud of him!”  Sharon Sheng, Ph.D., Professor, Science & Engineering Transfer

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