Transfer Students

STCC welcomes transfer students from other Colleges and Universities, and our Admissions staff will ensure that you receive proper credit for the coursework you have successfully completed elsewhere.  Our transfer credit policy, below, is consistent with the Massachusetts Community College Transfer Principles.

Transfer Credit Policy

Courses taken at other regionally accredited colleges and institutions may be transferable to STCC. Applicants should have copies of their official transcripts forwarded directly from previous institutions to the Admissions Office for transfer credit evaluation. Transfer credit is not reviewed or awarded until an applicant has been accepted into an academic program at STCC.

All submitted transcripts become the property of STCC and will not be returned. In order to meet the residency requirements, a minimum of 15 credits must be taken at STCC to receive a degree. The remainder may be taken at other institutions. Please know that an applicant may be asked to provide a course description to clarify the content of a course before transfer credit can be considered. Only courses in which the student has earned a “C-“ grade or better, are similar in content to those required in the student’s program at STCC, are applicable to the student’s current academic program at STCC, and have been earned at a regionally accredited institution will be accepted. Please note that some academic programs require a higher earned grade than a C- due to curriculum requirements. Some upper level or specialized courses may need to be reviewed by the applicants academic program chairperson in order to determine transfer credit eligibility.

Once college transfer credit, AP credit, Challenge credit or CLEP credit is awarded it cannot be removed from a student’s transcript at a later point.

Developmental Coursework

For students who have recently taken developmental coursework in math at other western Massachusetts community colleges (Holyoke Community College, Greenfield Community College, and Berkshire Community College), it is currently the policy of STCC to consider successfully-completed developmental coursework when determining the placement of incoming STCC students.

Applicants who have successfully completed developmental math coursework from one of the above institutions should have copies of their official transcripts forwarded directly from that institution to the STCC Admissions Office for evaluation (transcripts are generally not reviewed until an applicant has been accepted into an academic program at STCC). Only developmental math courses taken at the above institutions no more than two years prior to transfer and for which a grade of C or better was received will be used to determine math placement at STCC. (For example, a student who has successfully completed a course equivalent to Algebra I will be placed into the Algebra II level at STCC).

The developmental coursework from the previous institution will be used only for placement purposes and will not appear as Transfer credit on the STCC transcript. The final decision of determining math placement based on previously-completed math coursework will rest with the STCC Admissions Office.