Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand you have questions. To the best of our ability, we are capturing them, with answers, below. If your question is not answered, please email

Prospective Students

Please check with Admissions to find out about your application status. You can reach them at or (413) 755-3333.

You can fax your transcript to admissions at (413) 755-6344. You can also contact them to make other alternative arrangements.

Current Students

Credit Courses

Please contact your faculty member about the status of your specific class. Many classes are moving forward and are not using the Spring Break extension.

Please contact your faculty member; they have been developing plans for remote/alternative instruction, and are communicating those plans to students. Please check your STCC email frequently.

To give currently enrolled students time to balance their new remote learning schedules with other COVID-19 impacts on their lives, the withdrawal deadline for Spring 2020 (both the 15-week term and the 7-week Spring 2 flex term) is extended to May 6.

Commencement has been postponed. This year’s Honors Convocation has been canceled. Further details will be shared once new plans are finalized. The STCC Registrar’s Office is communicating directly with students who are eligible to graduate. It is important to note that students who are eligible to graduate and meet requirements will graduate. The postponement of ceremonies will not affect their status.

Workforce Development Center

First, any Workforce Development Center class now functioning remotely will continue in this fashion. Second, if you are enrolled in a workforce development class that has been temporarily suspended, you will have been contacted by your instructor with information and details. Please note that there will be no on-campus classes for the remainder of the spring semester (mid-May), and you will be informed when on-campus workforce development classes can resume. 

If you are enrolled in a Springfield Adult Learning Center (SALC) class, such as HiSet, ESL, or Adult Ed, your instruction is now being delivered remotely. Someone from the SALC staff will continue to stay in touch with you on a regular basis through phone or email. If you have any questions about connecting to your lessons, please reach out to your instructor. Please note that there will be no on-campus classes for the remainder of the spring semester (mid-May).

No. Because the STCC campus is currently closed to the public, there is currently no testing being offered by the Authorized Testing Center. When circumstances allow, the center will be reopened.

Campus Services

Service Offices

Contact them by live chat, phone, or email: information on our Contact page.

Visit the STCC Withdraw and Refund Policy page to learn more. If you have more questions, email or

Academic Support Services

The Writing Center, STEM Center and Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program will operate remotely to ensure you have any support you may need.  Our tutors and SI leaders will use Google Hangouts (Meet) for remote sessions. We also will have available Zoom, Facetime, and Skype, if those platforms are preferred. Students can also reach out with specific questions via email. Please email the writing center ( the STEM Center (, Supplemental Instruction Director Jane Lerner (

Please visit our Writing Center page.

For more information please email Jane Lerner at or Ashley Pease at

Please visit our STEM Center page.

Books, Library, & Bookstore

The library remains a resource for you. For resources and information call (413) 755-4532 or visit the Library website.

We will provide more information soon. Please call (413) 755-4532 or send an email to

For bookstore questions or concerns, please e-mail or leave a voicemail for bookstore staff at (413) 755-4833.

Please watch for future communications regarding rented textbooks. Please check with your professor about the use of books and other resources going forward.