CMP-101 - Basic Technology

3 credits

In this introductory level course students will be provided with an orientation to computer concepts and learn the steps necessary to protect their computer and personal information from security concerns. They will learn how to use Windows features and other computer and school resources available in order to use technology efficiently and effectively. This course will also introduce students to resources available online. These resources, which can be for personal, educational, and business use, fall into the two main categories of research and collaboration. Web 2.0 tools allow us to use the materials found through researching more efficiently. Other applications may be used to bookmark information, take notes, organize material, and credit sources. Students will learn about copyright laws, how to use materials ethically and legally, and how to copyright material. Collaboration tools will be used to learn how to stay organized and communicate with others more effectively, as well as organize and schedule events and projects. Applications used for collaboration may include scheduling, brainstorming, creating and distributing surveys, presenting information, blogs, wikis, and social networking. Available to the entire STCC community.

Prerequisite(s): None

Previously known as: CMPA-108