CSE-120 - Computer Systems

3 credits

This course covers the advanced hardware and software issues concerning current person computer systems. Topics include: video displays and drivers, bus systems, memory systems, BIOS upgrades, RS-232, SCSI, USB, IEEE-1394, I/O devices, printers, magnetic and optical storage devices, backup strategies including RAID storage and tape drives, scanners, modems and systems integration. The lab portion of the course will allow students to verify the concepts introduced in the class by performing hands-on exercises. In the lab, students will be working and upgrading systems running current operating systems such as WinXP, Vista, Mac OS X and various Linux distros.

Prerequisite(s): CSE-110 or permission of instructor.

Corequisite(s): CSE-150  and CSE 120L 

Previously known as: CSET-254