DRW-094 - Integrated Reading and Writing 1

5 credits

Integrated Reading and Writing 1 combines the skills of reading with its complementary task of writing. In terms of reading the course addresses general and specific comprehension skills necessary to be successful in reading textbooks and other academic materials and in reading literature by promoting close reading and reading rigor standards. Vocabulary development focuses on broadening the student's vocabulary knowledge and acquisition strategies. In terms of writing the course provides a review of basic English skills in grammar, sentence structure, paragraphing and essay development to prepare students for college-level writing. The course is intended for students whose college placement test scores indicate placement in Reading 1 and Review for College Writing. Since this course provides preparation for English Composition 1, department policy dictates a grade of "C-" or better for admission to English Composition 1. This is a four credit developmental course. Credit for this course will not be counted toward fulfilling graduation requirements at STCC, but will be equivalent to taking both Reading 1 and Review for College Writing.