ELE-225 - Home and Small Business Networking

2 credits

This course covers topics commonly encountered in home and small business Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The aspects of Home Technology Integration (HTI) covering technologies such as home security, audio and video, home computers, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and home control often use IP networking. Small businesses require networks of computers and often have remote locations. This course will provide the students with the skills necessary to work with common network configurations of personal computers, printers, small routers, and specialized devices. Students interested in enterprise class networking should consider the Cisco Networking courses (CSCO-100 - Cisco Networking 1 Â CSCO-200 - Cisco Networking 2 Â CSCO-300 - Cisco Networking 3 Â CSCO-300 - Cisco Networking 3 Â ). Course topics covered include an introduction to physical wiring, network switches, IP networking and determining the settings for existing networks. Hands-on experience with the installation & configuration of common network clients for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux will be covered. Common network settings, testing the network connections, and test procedures for these operating systems will be covered. Using and configuring home and small business routers, wireless access points, basic wireless security, network printing and shared drives. CSE-110 is recommended as a foundation. Please contact the Electronic Systems Group esg@stcc.edu for possible waiver of this prerequisite.

Prerequisite(s): CSE-110;

Corequisite(s): ELE 225L 

Previously known as: ESET-353