ELE-256 - Internet of Things Design Project

4 credits

This capstone course is designed to combine the concepts, theories and practices developed throughout the Internet of Things course of study, and apply them to the development of a secure and reliable IoT product or system.

Students will be required to maintain a design journal, make weekly written project status reports, and periodically present their work at scheduled design review meetings. Project deliverables include the demonstration of a working prototype, a list of materials with cost estimates, hardware schematics, software, user guides, and any necessary engineering documentation. An analysis of the security and privacy considerations for the design is required.

An oral presentation of the project to the design team will be required.  Group projects are encouraged. The student will need access to high-speed internet for online video and voice meetings. This course may be run in a web assisted or distance format.

Prerequisite(s): ELE-128 and permission of the instructor.