HNR-211 - Project Management

3 credits

This Honors course will present an interdisciplinary viewpoint on Project Management methodology. Students will be introduced to the concepts of Project Management including, but not limited to, the four phases of project life cycle, as well as the key components of the project management process. Students will learn about different types of project management methodologies and see how each is applied in practice. Leading change fundamentals, based on Kotter's change model, will also be discussed. Additionally, students will gain an understanding of matrix management and conflict resolution strategies. Problem solving, decision making, and negotiation techniques will also be covered to hone students' critical reasoning skills. Students will be able to immediately apply the concepts learned in this course by analyzing case studies, performing hands on simulation exercises, and planning their own projects while following the correct methodology. Ultimately, this course will provide students with comprehensive Project Management principles that can be applied to any field.