MAT-095 - Elements of Mathematics

3 credits

This is a unique course with a format that allows the student to progress at his or her own pace. New students are assigned a beginning math level and textbook based on their placement test results. Returning students pick up wherever they ended the previous semester. Students may study on their own, with instructors and tutors available to answer questions on an individual basis. Each student is assigned an instructor and a particular class time, and may use the Testing Center and Tutor Center Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Students take tests whenever they feel ready and the test center is open. Tests are computer generated, and corrected and graded immediately for the students. Students are then given a copy of the original test and a copy of the correct answers to take with them. Single credit grades are issued for completed credits only. It is impossible to earn three or more credits or fewer than three credits in one semester. Students who earn more than three credits in one semester will not be charged for more than three in any given semester. These credits are below college level, do not carry graduation credit, and are non-transferable.

This is a developmental course. Credit for this course will not be counted toward fulfilling graduation requirements at STCC.

Previously known as: ALGB-099