MAT-099 - Extended Algebra 2

4 credits

This is a lecture course in elementary algebra with a review of topics that will be used in science and engineering classes. This class will meet for a total of six hours per week with a focus on student-centered learning techniques. Review topics include fractions and mixed numerals, operations with polynomials, scientific notation, ratio and proportion, basic statistical measures, geometric formulas and unit conversions. Topics include factoring polynomials, solving quadratic equations, applications and problem solving, and simplifying complex rational expressions. Additional topics are radical expressions, radical equations and applications, the quadratic formula, graphs of quadratic equations, and functions.

This is a developmental course. Credit for this course will not be counted toward fulfilling graduation requirements at STCC. Students must achieve a C- or better to pass the course.

Prerequisite(s): MAT-089, MAT-083 or MAT-087 (C- or higher) or placement at Algebra II on the math placement test.

Previously known as: ALGB-090