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Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Inspector

WTRD-011 Hot-Mix Asphalt Paving Technician Certification (20 hours/30 day Internship prior to taking certification exam for individuals new to the industry)
Fee: $770 (includes material and first exam fee)

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Course Description

The Hot- Mix Asphalt Paving Inspector Certification Course is designed for those individuals responsible for the inspecting, sampling, and testing of hot mix asphalt in the field. Suggested participants would include contractor and supplier quality control personal, consultants, testing firms and agency inspectors responsible for the quality and placement of hot mix asphalt. The purpose of the NETTCP Hot- Mix (HMA) Paving Inspector Certification Course is to ensure that Agency, Contractor, and Supplier/Producer field personnel who perform the sampling, testing, and inspection on HMA paving contracts are properly qualified.

Course objectives

  • To provide candidates with the basic knowledge of Quality Assurance.
  • To ensure course candidates have a basic understanding of the materials, mixtures, and production facilities used for Hot-Mix Asphalt.
  • To ensure candidates have sufficient knowledge of the key features of HMA paving equipment as well as the proper methods of operating the equipment to achieve uniformly placed material.
  • To ensure the understanding of the relationship of the in-place density of HMA pavements and long term performance, as well as the importance of proper compaction procedures to achieve specific density.
  • To ensure candidates have a uniform knowledge and proficiency in performing the individual AASHTO test procedures utilized for field sampling and testing of HMA pavements.
  • To ensure candidates understand the appropriate field inspection procedures used to avoid HMA deficiencies in the HMA material being placed.

To Enroll Online:

  1. Click: Online Registration
  2. Click: 'Search and Register for Workforce Development Classes'
  3. Type in Asphalt and hit 'Submit'
  4. Click: 'select' box for the course that you want to take. There may be several choices so make sure you select the right course and dates.
  5. Enter your personal and credit card information. Your receipt will be immediately emailed to you and it will include the Building and Classroom for the course.

To Enroll in Person:

STCC Campus, One Armory Square, Springfield MA Building 27, 1st Floor


For more Information, please contact:

Workforce Development Office
Building 27, 1st Floor

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