Veterinary Assistant Training Program

WVET-001 Veterinary Assistant Training Program

Hours: 150
Fee: $2,395.00

Program Description

Working with animals is a dream job for many. Caring for animals provides both a meaningful and rewarding career as well as skilled work that leads to a stable income. The ability to follow directions, listen and communicate efficiently, and multi-task are skills that a veterinary assistant should demonstrate. The essential skills you will learn in this program will help you keep animals healthy, care for them when they are ill, and assist veterinarians in their offices

The Veterinary Assistant works directly under the supervision of Veterinarians and the Veterinary Technician as they perform procedures, examinations, and treatments.  The Veterinary Assistant provides basic care for animals, such as feeding and exercising the animals, while learning how to recognize signs of illness and disease, performing laboratory procedures, interacting with clients, and performing general office procedures. Veterinary Assistants work in animal hospitals and clinics, animal shelters, laboratories, zoos, and animal parks.

Major Topics Include:

  • Exam room procedures
  • Animal restraint
  • Laws and their implication
  • Front office procedure
  • Pharmacy skills
  • Laboratory skills
  • Radiology and diagnostic imaging
  • Medical nursing
  • Surgical tasks
  • Facility maintenance

Additional administrative duties such as fee collection procedures, banking procedures, accounts payable & receivable, and pet insurance information will be reviewed.

This occupation has an outstanding job outlook! The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment will grow much faster than the average for all occupations between 2016 and 2026, at about 19%. The BLS anticipates an increase in consumer spending on pets and their care.

Program Details

Coming Spring, 2021

To Be Determined

  • 18 years or older.

To view Veterinary Assistant Training Program related careers, live job listings, and average salaries please see STCC’s Career Coach.

For More Information, Please Contact:

The STCC Workforce Development Center
Building 27, Room 143

Enrollment Process

Enroll Online

  1. Click: Online Registration
  2. Click on “Search and Register for Workforce Training Classes”
  3. Type in “Vet" and hit “Submit"
  4. Carefully click the SELECT box for the course that you want to take. There may be several choices so make sure you select the right course and dates.
  5. Enter your personal and credit card information.
    • Please note, STCC accepts Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express as well as E-check payments. Students may pay with cash, checks, money orders, and E-Checks as a fee-free alternative to credit/debit payments.
    • Your receipt will be immediately emailed to you.
    • If you do not receive your receipt, check with our office at 413-755-4225 a few weeks prior to the class.

Enroll in Person

At this time due to COVID-19, in-person enrollment has been suspended until further notice.