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WMAN-202 2 Axis Lathe – Setup Technician

WMAN-202 2 Axis Lathe – Setup Technician (24 hours)
Fee: $789 (includes training materials and lunches)

For more Information, please contact:

Workforce Development Office
Building 27, 1st Floor


SectionDates & Time
  To Be Announced


Course Description

Avoid distractions of on-site training by traveling to STCC for an intensive 24 hour training. The training is held at STCC’s state of the art CNC manufacturing lab. The lab contains (8) Haas CNC mills (3-5 axis capable) and (8) Haas CNC lathes (2-4 axis capable).

Students learn to set up 2 axis CNC lathes through practical application. Every aspect of machine setup is covered from selecting the starting stock to performing a first article inspection on the completed part. Students will set work and tool offsets and indicate the workpiece for runout. They will verify their setup is correct before machining by running a graphic run and dry run. They will cut the first piece and inspect their own work, adjusting offsets as necessary to produce a part within blueprint specification. They will verify their work after the program is complete by ballooning the drawing and performing a full first article inspection.

Training Highlights
  • Set tool and work offsets
  • Indicate the workpiece for runout
  • Run a graphic and dry run
  • Cut parts on Haas 2 axis lathes
  • Adjust offsets to meet blueprint specification
  • Complete a first article inspection

A certificate completion will be provided.


Tom Minor and John LaFrancis

To Enroll Online:

  1. Click: Online Registration
  2. Click: ‘Search and Register for Workforce Development Classes’
  3. Type in ‘2 Axis’ and hit 'Submit"
  4. Click: ‘select’ box for the course that you want to take. There may be several choices so make sure you select the right course and dates.
  5. Enter in your personal and credit card information. Your receipt will be immediately emailed to you and it will include the Building and Classroom for the course.

To Enroll in Person:

STCC Campus, One Armory Square, Springfield MA Building 27, 1st Floor

Refund Policy

Withdraw prior to the start of class* - 100% Refund
No Refunds will be given once class begins

* Please note that special refund policies apply to some courses. The cost of non-returnable items will not be refunded.

In the absence of a written third party contractual agreement stating otherwise, all refunds will be issued to the student. Credit card payments will be refunded directly to the credit card if processed within thirty days of the payment.

Course Cancellation Policy

The Workforce Training office reserves the right to cancel any course that does not meet minimum enrollment requirements.

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