Master PC\Network Helpdesk Technician Certification

CompTIA Authorized AcademyZNET-030 Master PC\Network Helpdesk Technician Certification (352 hours)
CompTIA A+ , Wireless CWTS, & Microsoft MTA Networking Certifications,
& Microsoft Office Word & Excel Core Certification
Fee: $5,125 which includes all materials and one set of exams

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Program Description

Master PC Tech Program (Printer Friendly)

This Comprehensive program at STCC involves 300+ hours of hands-on instruction to prepare students to work in the demanding and exciting field of IT Helpdesk and PC/Network Support. This program is designed to prepare students to work in the field and includes modules that prepare you for an array of IT certifications including: CompTIA A+, CWNP’s Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS), Microsoft MTA Networking and Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications. The program covers all the material necessary to pass the CompTIA A+, CWTS Wireless, Microsoft MTA Networking fundamentals and Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams.

Program module Topics include:

  • CompTIA A+ 901 Certification
  • CompTIA A+ 902 Certification
  • Microsoft MTA Networking Fundamentals
  • Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist - Word
  • Microsoft Office Specialist - Excel
  • Microsoft Office Specialist - PowerPoint
  • Basic Math Skills Review
  • Technical Writing Fundamentals
  • Resume and Interviewing Skills

The course material goes well beyond the scope of the certification exams and focuses on preparing the student to be successful as a Helpdesk & PC/Network technician. This program also contains modules to enhance the student’s technical writing and math skills. The program also contains modules to help students develop resumes and interviewing skills. Each student receives an extensive reference library and tool kit to keep.

The classes are held Mon & Wed Evenings and during the day on Tues, Thurs., and either a Fri, or Sat morning for a total of 20 hours per week. The program is taught by professional instructors with thousands of hours of teaching experience who are CompTIA, Cisco, IBM, CWNP, CIW, and Microsoft Certified.


  • High school Degree, HiSET, or GED
  • Basic Keyboard and Mouse skills

Program Modules Descriptions

Computer Hardware and Operating Systems Fundamentals

This introductory module covers the fundamentals of PC hardware, and operating systems. The following topics are covered: PC hardware, booting the computer, hard disk management, drives, subdirectories (folders), structures, file management, batch files, executing programs, memory management (16-bit/32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems).

Comptia APlus LogoCompTIA A+ Certification

This is an intensive hands-on program designed to prepare candidates to take the CompTIA A+ Required Exams: CompTIA A+ 901 and 902 certification exams. The material is delivered with a series of lectures and hands-on labs. The material goes well beyond the material covered by the certification exams, the material has been designed to prepare students to work in the field as a PC\Network Help desk technician by IT professionals who have years on field and teaching experience.

Microsoft Technology Associate LogoMicrosoft MTA Networking Fundamentals *

This Module will prepare the student for the Microsoft Technology Associate Certification in Networking Fundamentals. This program explores Foundational concepts and skills associated with computer networking. Topics include basics of local area networking and wide area networks, the OSI Model, wired and wireless networks, Switches, Routers, VLANs, Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and network security. Students will be prepared to take the Microsoft MTA Networking Fundamentals Certification.

 Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS) Certification *

The CWTS™ (Certified Wireless Technology Specialist) Certification is the latest certification from the CWNP Program. CWTS is an entry-level enterprise WLAN certification, and a recommended pre-requisite for the CWNA certification. The CWTS certification is the first high-stakes certification geared specifically towards both WLAN sales and support staff for the Enterprise WLAN industry. The CWTS Certification verifies sales and support staffs are specialists in WLAN technology and have all the fundamental knowledge, tools and terminology necessary to be successful in the growing Enterprise WLAN industry.

Technical Writing Fundamentals

This 20 hour module is designed to enhance the participant’s skills in technical writing. The program emphasizes the methods involved in detailed reports and instructions. Special emphasis has been placed on the factors that an IT Desktop Support Technician might face interacting with helpdesk software packages in the field

TCP/IP Networking Essentials (8 hours) *

This module will explore the TCP/IP protocol suite through an understanding of how the OSI model works. We will explore the interaction of network communications as it relates to the different layers of the model. In covering the TCP/IP suite we will discuss client IP configurations including: IP Addresses, Subnet Masks, Default Gateways, DNS servers and how DHCP is used to dynamically supply these settings. Students will also learn how DNS works in resolving Domain names to IP addresses, and how Website URL’s and IP addresses are linked in the global DNS directory system. Student’s will also learn how to dissect an IP address and subnet mask to quickly determine the host device's Network address, Broadcast address, and the valid range of addresses in its network. With this knowledge, we will explore how to troubleshoot IP networks configured into organizational VLANs.

MicroSoft Office SpecialistMicrosoft Office Specialist (MOS) Core Level Certification

A Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification helps validate proficiency in using Microsoft Office and meets the demand for the most up-to-date skills on the latest Microsoft technologies. Candidates who pass a certification exam show that they can meet globally recognized performance standards. Candidates must pass one certification exam in order to earn a MOS certification in that application. Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be covered. The program will provide exam vouchers for two MOS certification, student’s choice. Any student wishing to take the additional certification will have access to discounted vouchers to purchase.

Basic Math Skills Review

This 20 hour module is designed to review basic math skills used every day while working a business environment. Some of the topics include: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and order of operations, basic algebra and other mathematical functions commonly used in Excel.

Resume Writing & Interview Skills Workshop

This Workshop is designed to help each student develop an industry appropriate resume to help with their job search. The program is also discussing how to act and react in an interview environment. As the student develops a resume with one of resume experts, students are strongly encouraged to sit down with the lead instructor to help identify the content which should be highlighted in their resume.

CompTIA A+ Operating System Certification Prep

This module is designed to cover those CompTIA Certification Operating System topics which include Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 material. The focus will be on how these operating systems are configured for the desktop as well as clients in a Network.

Introduction to LINUX & VMWare Environments

This module will introduce the student to the world of UNIX/Linux which is gaining in popularity in the area on E-Commerce and web hosting. Students will learn to install and navigate through Linux to become familiar with its look and feel. CompTIA does not presently test on any UNIX/Linux objectives, but it is important that students who complete our program have at least a minimal exposure to this OS environment.

Certification Review Sessions

Students will have ample time to review and practice for the certification exams with the instructor available and leading very comprehensive review sessions prepared to help students pass their certification exams.


James Beane
Program Developer and Lead Instructor
Workforce Training
Springfield Technical Community College
Phone: (413) 755-4506

Cisco Certified CCENT, CCNA, CCDA
CompTIA Certified A+, Network+, i-Net+, e-Biz+, Server+
Microsoft Certified MCDST, MCP, MTA (OS, Networking, Server)
Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Professional/Instructor
IBM Certified Professional iSeries 400
Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS)

Robert Walz
Office/Technical Writing/Math Adjunct Professor
Springfield Technical Community College
Microsoft Office Certified

Brian Candido
Department Chair for Computer Information Systems (CIT)
School of Business and IT
Springfield technical Community College

Registration and Fee Information

  • Fee: $5,125 - Includes training, library, practice exams, tool kit, practice exams, and one set of exam vouchers.
  • This is an all-inclusive fee and includes all required textbooks, practice exams, and a student tool kit.
  • One set of the following test vouchers are included with the program. (They are non-transferrable)
    • CompTIA A+ 901 Certification Exam
    • CompTIA A+ 902 Certification Exam
    • Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS) Certification Exam
    • Two Microsoft Office User Specialist Vouchers (Student Choice)

For questions about Registration & Costs please contact the STCC Workforce Training office at (413) 755-4502 or email

If you have any questions about the course content please contact Jim Beane at 413) 755-4506 or email

Refund Policy

Refund Schedule: 100% of program fee, less a $50 administrative charge, for withdrawal completed at least one week prior to Kick-off Class Date. No refund is available after that date.

Suggested Enrollment Process

To Enroll Online:

  • Click: On Line Registration
  • Click on Search and Register for Workforce Training Classes
  • Type in ‘Master’ and hit 'Submit"
  • Carefully click the SELECT box for the course that you want to take (ZNET-030). There may be several choices so make sure you select the right course and dates.
  • Enter in your credit card information. Your receipt will be immediately emailed to you. It should have the Building and Classroom for the course.
  • If it does not, check with our office at 413-755-4225 a few weeks prior to the class to confirm the room numbers.

To Enroll in Person:

  • Go to STCC Building 16, Room 146 to register for the course or call 755 4225

Refund Policy

Refund Schedule: 100% of program fee, less a $50 administrative charge, for withdrawal completed at least one week prior to Kick-off Class Date. No refund is available after that date.

Unemployment Benefits

This program is both Section 30 and ITA approved

Section 30 Benefits

  • Claimants must meet eligibility and training requirements.

Section 30 of the Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance Law allows DUA to waive an active work search if you meet certain eligibility requirements. This means that you can continue to collect UI benefits while in full-time approved training. Under certain circumstances, you may be eligible for up to an additional 26 weeks of UI benefits while you are attending full-time training.

You may be eligible for approved training if you:

  • Are permanently separated from your previous employer
  • Are unlikely to obtain suitable employment based on your current skill level
  • Need training to become re-employed

Remember to select the training program that is best for you and that will help you find employment in your new occupation. DUA does not pay for training.

Individual Training Account (ITA) - Funding

What is an Individual Training Account (ITA)?

An Individual Training Account (ITA) is an account set up on behalf of an adult or dislocated worker to pay for training services. The purpose of the ITA is to give program participants maximum choice in selecting a training program.

One-Stop Career Centers determine the dollar amount limits, time limits, and other requirements for use of ITA accounts.
If you are approved for an ITA account, you must choose your training services from the statewide list of ITA-approved programs. A One-Stop Career Center employment counselor will give you information to help you make an informed choice about how to spend your ITA funds.

You can use the Department of Workforce Development's Online Services Training Course Search to find ITA-approved training programs that meet your needs. Select "ITA" from the Approved Course Type drop-down box to find ITA-approved programs.

How do you apply?

To apply for the Adult and Dislocated Worker Program and for Individual Training Account (ITA) funds, visit your One-Stop Career Center, (Future Works or Career Point) or visit their websites, or call the Division of Career Services at 617-626-5300.