STCC Placement Exam Review Sessions

Most students who have been accepted to Springfield Technical Community College will need to take placement tests in English and Math. These tests are designed to assess the needs of the student in the areas tested.

To help students prepare for the placement exams, two special options are offered in Math.

The first option is free and open to all newly accepted students who will be attending STCC. These are two-hour review sessions with a concentration on arithmetic. You will get a booklet and information on the placement test.

  • First Option is no longer available

The second option is the Intensive Math Review Option. Students who have already taken the placement test or students that want a more complete review should consider the Intensive Math Review Week. In order to participate students must purchase Math Brush-Up for $20.00.

For more information and to sign up for the week review:

For students interested in reviewing the study materials prepared by the Math Department, please visit these links: