WebAdvisor is an online service for students, faculty and staff. Students use WebAdvisor to view grades, class schedules, and financial information; online transactions for students include course registration, schedule changes, bill payment, and address changes. Faculty and Staff are able to view class rosters and schedules, verify class attendance, assist their advisees, submit early warnings and student grades, submit maintenance requests and, where allowed, review budgets.

If you have reset your password through "What's my password" and "Reset my Password" in WebAdvisor and do not receive an email with your password within 24 hours, please call the STCC Help Desk at 413-755-4016 (M-F 7:00am to 8:00pm).

Login to Webadvisor to sign up for STCC-ALERT

STCC-ALERT is the campus' new emergency notification system. If you want to be notified of emergencies on campus and/or time-sensitive information, you can sign up for this service. Log onto your WebAdvisor account, and click on the STCC-Alert link to add your contact information. For more information, click http://www.stcc.edu/stccalert.

Before you access WebAdvisor, please read and understand the following information:

  • Both Username and Password are case-sensitive.
  • Occasionally you will be prompted to change your password for security reasons. When doing so you must use the same username that was originally issued to you.
  • Don't share your Username and Password with ANYONE.
  • Don't use your browser's Back icon to navigate; instead use WebAdvisor's Menu options.
  • Don't forget to Logout to prevent someone using the same computer after you access to your account.
  • The WebAdvisor system will be unavailable during daily system backup from Midnight to 5 AM and on Friday night from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM.
  • Click on Technical Support (to the left) for information about common troubleshooting problems and solutions.

Please note that the college reserves the right to make changes to class schedules and faculty and room assignments. It is advisable to view your schedule just prior to the beginning of the semester to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information about your classes.