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Save Money on Your Gen-Eds!

Credits earned from STCC’s online gen-eds are SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for easy transfer back to UMass. And they are an absolute BARGAIN at just $771 for a 3 credit class.

How Does it Work?

Through the MassTransfer program, STCC’s gen-eds are mapped on a 1-to-1 basis to their UMass Amherst equivalents.

Get Started

Find your course! STCC’s online classes are taught using Blackboard, and may be supplemented with Zoom and other remote learning tools.

Winter 2020

ENROLL NOW! Registration begins November 23 for Winter 2020 classes.

Spring 2021

ENROLL NOW! Registration begins November 23 for Spring 2021 classes.

Things to consider

  1. Please check with your UMass advisor or the UMass Registrar’s Office on UMass’ transfer procedure, especially if taking an elective course. Additional considerations may apply.
  2. Be mindful of registration prerequisites. STCC students have first priority when enrolling.
  3. Some classes in certain programs are restricted to STCC students in those majors.

As a member of NC-SARA, we accept students from all 50 states into our online classes and programs.