Transferring to a 4-year College or University

From STCC to the Ivy League: Student reflects on academic journey

Springfield Technical Community College offers students who plan to continue their education at public and private colleges and universities easy pathways with significant financial savings.

Students interested in transferring to four-year institutions should plan early in order to take courses or programs paralleling requirements at the college they plan to attend. College transfer representatives come to campus to meet with STCC students throughout the academic year. Assistance is available through the Academic Advising and Transfer Center (Building 27/2nd floor-413-755-4857).

Our Transfer Programs

STCC's transfer programs* are specifically designed for students who plan to transfer to a 4-year college or university after earning an Associate Degree at STCC. The courses offered in these programs are generally those required to provide a broad educational background before beginning specialization in a major field of study.

*Although these are the primary transfer programs offered at STCC, students in other programs do have opportunities for continuing their education at the bachelor's level. Please consult with your program chairperson to learn more about specific transfer opportunities and agreements in your major.

Our Transfer Agreements

MassTransfer for Massachusetts Public Colleges, Universities and UMASS

STCC participates in the MassTransfer Program with the Massachusetts Public Colleges and Universities. This program guarantees participating students admission to the Massachusetts Public Institution of their choice, provided they graduate from an approved major at STCC with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher. Participating students are subject to the program requirements in effect at the senior institution when they enroll at STCC. All MassTransfer programs at STCC incorporate the MassTransfer Block as part of their course requirements.

The Tuition Advantage Program is available to all MassTransfer students who graduate with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and transfer to a Massachusetts Public College, University or UMASS campus with which they were participating in MassTransfer. Students are entitled to a 100% waiver of in-state tuition (whether or not they are in-state residents). However, it is important to note that there are certain instances in which a transfer student may not qualify for MassTransfer status (for example, if the transfer student has attended another college after graduating from STCC and before transferring to a MassTransfer designated institution; if the student has previously earned a Bachelor's degree; or if the transfer student is planning to return to a four-year Mass State College/University that they had previously attended prior to attending at STCC).

The Commonwealth Commitment

The Commonwealth Commitment is a statewide program that provides financial incentives to students who begin their higher education at STCC and then transfer to a Massachusetts Public University or UMASS campus. Students must maintain continuous, full-time enrollment while maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA, and are required to complete their Associate Degree in no longer than 2½ years, and then complete their Baccalaureate Degree in no longer than 2 additional years. Financial incentives include a freeze in tuition and mandatory fees for the entirety of a student's enrollment period, as well as a 10% refund (of tuition and mandatory fees) at the conclusion of each Fall and Spring semester. The Commonwealth Commitment is not available in all majors, and students who wish to sign up for the program must do so before earning more than 15 college-level credits (excluding credits earned while enrolled in high school) at STCC.

Current Commonwealth Commitment majors include:



Commonwealth Commitment website

Commonwealth Commitment Participation Form


The Gen Ed Foundation (formerly, the "MassTransfer Block")

The Gen Ed Foundation is a 34-credit block of courses that, once completed at STCC, will satisfy the general education requirements at any public college or university in Massachusetts.

The Gen Ed Foundation includes courses in the following areas:


Subject Areas



Behavioral and social sciences

Courses may be in either subject area.


Humanities and fine arts

Courses may be in either subject area.


Natural or physical science

Must include at least one course with a lab.


English composition/writing



Mathematics/quantitative reasoning


These credits, when completed together with a 2.0 or higher GPA, fully transfer to any Massachusetts public higher education institution, even if you transfer before earning an Associate degree. These credits satisfy the general education/distribution/core requirements at any other Massachusetts public higher education institution, with the receiving institution being able to add no more than six additional credits/two courses STCC courses which fulfill the Gen Ed Foundation are indicated in their course descriptions on the STCC website.

Other agreements with Public Colleges and Universities

Charter Oak State College participates in the follwoing transfer agreement for graduates of the STCC Health Information Technology AS or Medical Coding and Billing Certificate programs.

Westfield State University and STCC partnered to offer RN-to-BSN opportunities for graduates of our Nursing program.

Agreements with Private Colleges

Our Joint Admissions Agreement with private Springfield-area colleges and universities (Bay Path University, Springfield College, Western New England University, American International College, and Elms College) guarantees our students acceptance into the college or university of their choice. These agreements also provide scholarships to eligible STCC graduates who transfer to the 4-year institution.


Elms College and STCC have partnered to deliver a high-quality degree completion program in Social Work on the STCC campus. Students with associate degrees will be able to substantially improve their employment and graduate school opportunities in their chosen field in an accelerated time frame, completing their bachelor's degree in ten eight-week sessions, or 20 months. Elms faculty will teach designated courses, making it convenient for students and alumni of STCC as well as others from the community with associate degrees.

STCC has teamed up with The College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE) at Wentworth Institute of Technology to provide STCC alumni and students who have completed (or are nearing completion of) their Associate’s degree the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Project Management in just 2 years. Advantages of the program include:

  • Small class sizes so you can complete your degree faster;
  • Tuition discount of 20% on all required major courses;
  • Up to 80 transfer credits accepted;
  • Convenient Saturday classes, taught by Wentworth faculty on STCC’s campus;
  • Personal attention from a dedicated advisor committed to your success both in the classroom and beyond.

Click here for more information, or contact CPCE at or 617-989-4300.

STCC recently partnered with Northeastern University to offer an onsite Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology.  Learn more about this opportunity here.

Cambridge College and STCC have established the following transfer agreements:

Southern New Hampshire University and STCC offer the following transfer agreements:

Also, Anna Maria College in Worcester offers a generous scholarship to transfer students.

Transfer of Course Credits

When planning to transfer, students are responsible for ensuring that the courses they take at STCC will satisfy requirements at their transfer college or university. The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education's course transfer equivalency database shows exactly how courses will transfer from STCC to the UMASS campuses or the Massachusetts State Universities.

The Academic Advising and Transfer Office (Bldg 19/Room 232) also maintains transfer equivalency guides for a number of local colleges and universities.

All students are strongly encouraged to meet with a representative from the institution to which they plan to transfer, for advice on course selection. Also, please keep in mind that all institutions have minimum grade requirements for course transfer.