Senior Citizens

STCC is a diverse learning environment with many great educational opportunities for older learners. Senior Citizens (those who are older than 60) enjoy an added benefit of tuition and fee waivers provided they meet certain requirements.

To be eligible for the Senior Citizen Tuition and Fee Exemption/Waiver Program, at the start of each semester, Seniors must:

  • Be residents of Massachusetts
  • Apply to STCC, and be accepted into a degree or certificate program
  • Show proof of age (minimum age of 61)
  • Make satisfactory academic progress while enrolled at STCC
  • Not be in default of any student loans

What Classes are eligible for the Waiver?

Classes offered during the Fall and Spring semesters during the weekdays (generally noted on the College Schedule as "D" sections) are eligible for a full exemption of tuition and fees).

Classes offered weekdays at 4pm or later, or online, or on weekends, and during Summer and Winter terms (generally noted on the College Schedule as "E" sections) are eligible for an exemption of tuition only.

The tuition/fee waiver program does not apply to non-credit courses.

May I "audit" classes while using a Senior Citizen Tuition and Fee Waiver?

Yes, but you may audit no more than two classes per semester.

What other services are available for Senior Citizens?

Senior Citizens are also eligible for special parking access in Lot 1.  Visit the Campus Parking Office to request a Senior Citizen Parking Pass (please bring a photo ID that shows your date of birth, your STCC class schedule, and your RAM ID card).