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Print Management - Students

In an effort to go green and reduce the amount of paper used on campus, STCC will be rolling out a new print management system during the Spring 2014 semester. This solution, used by colleges across the country and the Commonwealth, will integrate with the RamCard and will give students more printing options. Students will be able to print from PC's in computer labs as they do now and will eventually be able to print from home or wirelessly on campus from laptops and tablets.

What to Expect in Spring 2014

In order to make the transition for students easier we plan to implement the print management system in the Student Success Center in early April and then move onto the Library. Classroom printing will not change in the Spring 2014 semester.

What to Expect in Summer 2014

During the Summer 2014 semesters the print management system will be used for all student printing on campus. Printers will be relocated from many of the classrooms to centrally located areas where students will be able to release their prints.

Print Costs

During the Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 semesters students will not need to pay for printing. If their free print credit balance gets low, they can email and additional print credits will be added to their account at no charge.

Starting in Fall 2014 full time students will have $20 in print credits added to their RamCard at the start of each semester. Once all of these print credits are used students will need to load additional funds onto their RamCard. Funds can be added in the Student Accounts Office (cash only) or via a web application (debit/credit) that will be coming soon. To view print credit balances students can log into using their student username and password. (Note: You must be using a STCC networked computer to access

  • Single Sided Black and White $ .10
  • Double Sided Black and White $ .14
  • Single Sided Color $ .40
  • Double Sided Color $ .60

Print Release Station Locations and Features

Step by Step Printing Instructions

Student Print Management Procedures