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Print Management - Students

In an effort to go green and reduce the amount of paper used on campus, STCC has implemented Follow Me Printing. This solution, used by colleges across the country is integrated with the RamCard and will give students more printing options. Students are able to print to a secure print queue from any computer lab on campus. They can then go to any of the print release stations located on campus, swipe their ramcard and select the documents that they choose to print. In the near future students will also be able to print to their secure print queue from home or wirelessly on campus from laptops and tablets. Click here for a list of print release stations.

Print Costs

Free Print Credits

Full-time students will have $20 in free print credits added to their RamCard account at the start of each semester. These free print credits are used to defray the costs associated with printing/copying in and outside of the classroom. We encourage all students and faculty members to think of ways to reduce the amount of printing required for classes. Any free print credits that are unused at the end of the semester will be removed from students accounts 7 days after the end of the semester. After the free print credits are removed, students will be given $2 in free print credits for miscellaneous printing between semesters.

  • Single Sided Black and White $ .10
  • Double Sided Black and White $ .14
  • Single Sided Color $ .40
  • Double Sided Color $ .60

Monitoring Print Credits and Adding Additional Funds

Students should monitor their print credit balances on a regular basis. Students can view account balances, check print activity and add funds to their account by logging into When adding funds to their account on this site, there is currently no minimum amount. Students can also add additional funds to their RamCard account in the Student Accounts Office (cash only, $10 minimum). Note: Currently these funds can only be used for printing/copying. All funds added to the RamCard are non-refundable but will carry forward to the next semester.

Students can also view print credit balances at print release station or by logging into  using their student username and password. (Note: You must be using a STCC networked computer to access ).

Printing Tips

  • Print double-sided (Printing defaults to two sided).
  • If you need to print one sided, make sure that you change the default printer to Follow_Me-B&W-One Sided . Otherwise the document will print two sided.
  • When printing PowerPoint slides, print 3-6 slides to a page.
  • Delete any extra lines or blank pages within your document and at the end of your document. The system will charge you for printing blank pages.
  • Proofread all documents before printing.
  • Use Print Preview before printing your job to verify the number of pages.
  • When printing web pages, always use Print Preview to view what will actually be printed. There are often advertisements and additional pages that you do not want to print.
  • Avoid unnecessary reprinting. If you print a document with an error on it, only print the pages that you need to replace. Don't print the entire document again.
  • Don't print! Instead of printing, you can save a document to a cloud account, such as the Microsoft Cloud or Google Drive. You can also save a document to a USB drive. If you do choose these methods, you should make sure to backup your files.
  • Save and email to PDF rather than printing it.
  • Delete any unwanted print jobs from your print queue before printing. To access your print queue, log-in to with your Webadvisor username and password to view pending print jobs and current balance. You can also delete unwanted jobs at the release stations.
  • Ask your instructor if you can submit assignments electronically instead of printing them.

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