Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a peer tutoring program in which a peer tutor (SI Leader) is assigned to work with a particular class for the semester. SI leaders are currently enrolled students who offer group and individual review sessions for students outside of class time. They attend all class sessions (both Zoom and in-person), and are available to answer questions and provide assistance as needed. All SI leaders participate in a rigorous training program throughout each semester, and work closely with the faculty member who teaches the course.


SI leaders serve as peer facilitators for SI sessions, offering group and individual review. This role requires SI leaders to attend the supported course to ensure consistent knowledge of the lecture and classroom expectations. To form the basis of their sessions, SI leaders combine specific study skills with key course content, integrating what to learn with how to learn.

Supplemental Instruction Leaders work in combination with the class faculty and with students in the course section they are assigned to support. They attend classes along with students when Zoom/in-person classes are held, and are members of the Blackboard classroom for distance courses, allowing them to know exactly what students are covering in courses for their weekly review sessions.

Our SI leaders have flexible schedules to help meet the needs of the diverse population of STCC students. While COVID-19 restrictions remain in place, all sessions are held remotely via Zoom, offering more flexibility to students with other commitments.


Students who are interested in applying to be a Supplemental Instruction Leader, or would like more information about the program should contact Nicole Jackson at