Community College COVID Vaccine Requirement - September 20, 2021

Good Morning STCC Students and Employees,

Today, the 15 Massachusetts community colleges announce a vaccine requirement for all students and employees.

The Mass Community College Vaccine Requirement Full Statement includes the following:

"With the number of new cases of COVID-19 across the Commonwealth in unvaccinated populations, the increased access and availability of vaccines in the Commonwealth, the Food & Drug Administration’s full and pending approval of available vaccines, and CDC guidance that the COVID-19 vaccine has been proven to be extremely safe and highly effective at preventing infection, severe disease, hospitalization, and death, the Presidents of all fifteen Massachusetts Community Colleges announced today that they will require students, faculty and staff to be fully vaccinated by January 2022."

The date of January 2022 gives time to plan and take necessary steps for full vaccination.  Together, the 15 Massachusetts community colleges have been very diligent with this action, and know there will be questions including, why now? 

To the question about timing, here are the reasons supporting a requirement:

  • Concerns specific to the highly infectious delta variant, coupled with breakthrough cases
  • The wide-spread availability of vaccines is different now, including on-campus clinics like those hosted by STCC
  • There is now full FDA approval for one vaccine
  • We hope to continue increasing on-campus, face-to-face courses, over the academic year

I am deeply grateful to everyone for the successful launch of Fall Semester. All of us at STCC appreciate our collective effort to ensure campus remains a healthy and safe learning and working environment; thank you for your time and attention.


John B. Cook, Ph.D.