Shared Governance Council (SGC)

"The institution has a system of governance that facilitates the accomplishment of its mission and purposes and supports institutional effectiveness and integrity. Through its organizational design and governance structure, the institution creates and sustains an environment that encourages teaching, learning, service, scholarship, and where appropriate, research and creative activity.  It demonstrates administrative capacity by assuring provision of support adequate for the appropriate functioning of each organizational component. The institution has sufficient autonomy and control of its programs and operations consistent with its mission." - New England Commission of Higher Education, Standard 3 for Accreditation

"The goal of the Shared Governance Council is to recognize different areas of authority and responsibility, expertise and perspective, and needs and wants. An effective system of shared governance requires that each constituency participates in the process and that all academic citizens be committed to building an open, engaged community where freedom of expression and participation are uncompromisingly protected and where civility is strongly affirmed." - May 26, 2022, Shared Governance Report by Eduardo Marti, Ph.D

Governing Bodies and Contributors

Springfield Technical Community College is governed by a variety of organizations from the state to the student level. These organizations include:

Shared Governance Guides


Minutes of SGC meetings and submitted recommendations are listed below.