Strategic Planning

Momentum: 2023-2028

A full 55 years into what is no longer an experiment but an essential enterprise in the region, Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) is proud to present Momentum: 2023-2028, our Strategic Plan, and its Addendum. After fourteen months of hard work by so many stakeholders, the mission, values, and purpose of STCC are clearly affirmed. Through a process that has been both collaborative and inclusive, we have generated a plan through the vestiges of a global pandemic, and onward with the fundamental outcome of supporting students as they transform their lives.

Much gratitude goes to the leadership provided by the Strategic Planning Task Force, which encompassed the dynamic views and voices of students, faculty, staff, administrators, community leaders, and Trustees. Through a multitude of forums, meetings, data reviews, environmental scanning, presentations, and surveys, planning has been action-oriented and objective-focused, shaping a set of priorities for the College through 2028.


Goal 1: Lead the Educational Ecosystem: Accelerate the development of an interconnected system of partnerships and program offerings to increase access, educational attainment, and economic mobility in the region.

Goal 2: Elevate our Technical Mission: Ensure technical programs align with labor market trends, address evolving workforce needs, and position STCC as the premier technical community college in the region.

Goal 3: Clear the Path to Student Success: Implement and streamline processes, pathways, and support services to enable equity and excellence in enrollment, retention, completion, and transfer.

Goal 4: Connect and Support: Create a connected campus climate and culture that dismantles systemic barriers for students and employees in order to deliver high-quality curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular opportunities.

Goal 5: Reimagine STCC for a Sustainable Future: Align fiscal, physical, and human resources to strengthen STCC’s position as a student-ready institution.


Springfield Technical Community College supports students as they transform their lives.


Springfield Technical Community College will be the premier technical community college in the Northeast.


Springfield Technical Community College will build on our values to center and strengthen our mission.

Student-Centered: We listen to students and provide the access and affordability needed to excel in the educational experience. We provide students with knowledge and experiences to support their learning and holistic personal and professional development and success.

Equity: We work tirelessly toward racially equitable outcomes by ensuring access to opportunities, removing barriers to success, and committing to antiracism. We embrace our identity as a Hispanic Serving Institution and are intentional in our efforts to best support Students of Color and Students from all marginalized identity groups.

Dedication: We deliver excellent learning experiences, supporting students in achieving their own goals. We are compassionate and professional when working with our students and each other. We listen and provide thoughtful and non-judgmental feedback which creates safe and welcoming spaces for everyone. We do everything we can to ensure student success and community well-being.

Integrity: We are moral, ethical, and honest when working with our students and each other. We foster an environment that builds trust and supports individual character.

Respect: We champion and incorporate mutual respect and trust among administrators, faculty, staff, and students. With respect, we embrace differences to create an inclusive environment for all.

Community: We partner and work with employers, industries, and non-proft organizations to develop programs, student activities, scholarships, and athletic opportunities. Together, we enhance educational opportunities and connect students and alumni to local career opportunities in the region.

Student Experience Statement

Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) will provide a transformational student experience characterized by:

  • a personalized, accessible, and affordable journey where students receive holistic support, and resources to help them achieve their academic, career, and personal goals.
  • an intentional and smooth onboarding process for students as they enter the College, so they are ready on day one.
  • clear pathways to completion, transfer opportunities, and a fulfilling profession.
  • implementation of high impact practices increasing student persistence.
  • an interactive, creative, and safe educational and social environment that fosters learning, sense of belonging, and connections.
  • optimization and enhanced technology and systems integrated with learning materials and the overall student experience that provides real-time updates on progress and individualized guidance, and effective communication to help students successfully navigate the college.
  • mentoring and the opportunity for students to learn from peers including student leaders, alumni, faculty, and staff through engaging and creative digital and in-person interactions.

Springfield Technical Community College faculty, staff, and administration will support this experience by:

  • being supportive and encouraging students’ feelings of connectedness, confidence, and agency in the learning process.
  • building practices, processes, and procedures that lead to equitable student outcomes, while committing to address student need.
  • engaging in student-centered work that guides and empowers students to transform their lives through education.
  • developing and offering innovative programs, relevant courses, classroom experiences, and industry exposure that provide opportunities for applied learning.
  • recognizing the technical purpose of the College as part of its mission.

Racial Equity Lens

This strategic plan demonstrates a staunch commitment to equity. Each strategic goal in the plan includes specific metrics and actions that align directly with the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education and Department of Higher Education frameworks for eliminating racial equity gaps in Massachusetts higher education. It is through a lens of racial equity that we constructed our high-level strategic goals and measurable objectives.

We encourage and invite you to view and approach the work detailed in this plan from that lens. While centering racial equity throughout the plan, the strategic planning taskforce and STCC cabinet critically analyzed an approach that also calls to the forefront lenses of equity in terms of socioeconomic status, ability, and gender. STCC’s commitment to the continued disaggregation of data in student and employee access and outcomes remains strong.

Community Communications and Updates


  • All-College Town Hall Meeting
  • Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTF) Kickoff
  • Board of Trustees Kickoff
  • SPTF Working Sessions
  • Data/Document Review and Analysis (SPTF)
  • Data Review Workshop (SPTF)
  • Trends in Higher Education Workshop (Employees)
  • Defining the Student Experience Workshop (Students and Employees)
  • SWOT Survey (Employees and Students)
  • Focus Groups (Students, Employees, Community)
  • Future Summit Topic Selection (SPTF)
  • Future Summit Event (Employees, Community, Students)
  • Board Mission/Vision Review
  • Employee Values Workshop
  • Sub-Group Presentation of Best Practices Research
  • Scan to Plan Workshop (SPTF)
  • Advancing Strategies Workshop (SPTF)
  • Mission/Vision/Values/Strategies Survey (Employees)
  • Implementation Workshop (Cabinet)
  • Objective Workshops (SPTF)
  • Constituent Feedback Sessions (Students, Employees, Community)
  • Action Planning Workshops (SPTF)
  • Strategic Plan Presentation to Board
  • Strategic Plan Launch


For more information about the strategic planning process, please see our Strategic Planning STCCNet Portal page. There you can find meeting agendas, minutes, and presentations; data sources; strategic planning guides; and feedback from engagement events.

For questions or feedback please email us at and we will get back to you to answer your question or acknowledge your input.