Strategic Planning

Welcome to STCC’s Strategic Planning Process website. We invite you to visit this page often as we update information on how we at Springfield Technical Community College can position ourselves for the future. Thank you for your support during this process.


We are excited to co-lead Springfield Technical Community College’s Strategic Planning Process. The College’s mission simply stated is to “support students as they transform their lives”. Together, working with the thirty-plus members of the STCC Strategic Planning Task Force, Campus Works, the lead planning consultant, voices from the campus community inclusive of students, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, our external partners, and stakeholders, we will develop a plan designed to fulfill our mission, and so much more.

This website is one of several communication vehicles that will be used to chart and share our progress towards plan development, approval, implementation, and ultimately assessment. All employees are also invited to visit the STCCNet Portal Strategic Planning page for access to additional planning documents and resources. To our community partners, check back regularly on this site as we post updates to keep you informed. We want to hear from all stakeholders as we move forward with this transparent and inclusive process. Anyone with questions or feedback to share can feel free to email us at and we will get back to you to answer your question or acknowledge your input.

This is an exciting time at STCC. With the announcement of a $30 million award from the Commonwealth for the College to invest in critical infrastructure that supports our School of Health & Patient Simulation, there’s no better time to plan for the future for current and future members of STCC and the communities we serve. We will end with a message from our President, Dr. John B Cook who was quoted in an interview about the award from the Commonwealth “I am thrilled for our students and faculty as this ensures that STCC stays on the leading edge of healthcare education; the future of STCC is bright.

We encourage you to add your voice to the shaping of STCC’s bright future!

Dr. Shai L. Butler/Co-Chair

Shai Butler

Professor Eileen Cusick/Co-Chair

Eileen Cusick

Task Force Members

Spring 2022 – Spring 2023

Definitions of Acronyms used in the Membership table are listed below the table of members.

Name Email Address School/ Division/ Work area Division/ Department Position/ Title/ Affiliation
Shai Butler Advancement & External Affairs Advancement & External Affairs Vice President of Advancement & External Affairs/ Executive Director to the STCC Foundation/ Co-chair, Strategic Planning Task Force/ NUP
Eileen Cusick LAPS Office Information Technologies Professor/ Co-chair, Strategic Planning Task Force/ Co-chair, NECHE Standard 7, Information Resources/ Hiring Committees/ MCCC
Dan Surdyka Information Technology IT Applications Webmaster/ Communications Lead, Strategic Planning Task Force/ NECHE Committee Member Standard #9/ NUP
Christina Atwater LAPS Business Administration Professor/ Co-chair, NECHE/ FYE/ Chair, Curriculum Committee/ Chair, AUC/ MCCC
Debra Avery Facilities Facilities Sr. Director of Facilities/ NECHE Committee/ NUP
Karolyn Burgos- Toribio Community Engagement Community Engagement Student Success Navigator- LEAD/ former Student Trustee/ Alumnus
Shaun Bush Facilities Facilities Project Manager/ alumni/ Past general contractor at STCC/ NUP
Brian Candido STEM STEM/ Computer Technologies Department Chair/ Professor/ Strategic Planning 2016, Commerce Redesign Team 2018, NECHE 2010/ MCCC
Jason Cohen Administration & Finance Administration & Finance Senior Director of Finance and Budgets/ NECHE Accreditation/ NUP
Joelle Connor SHPS Dental Sciences Program Director -Dental Assistant Program/ Smoke Free Campus Committee / Foundation Board Committee/ MCCC
Maria Fonseca Student Assessment Student Testing Center Coordinator of Student Assessment
Gladys Franco Workforce Development Workforce Development Assistant Vice President of Workforce Development/ NUP
Matthew Gravel Academic Affairs Academic Affairs Dean of Academic Initiatives/ 2011 and 2021 self-study committees/ NUP
Tom Guzowski SHPS Physical Therapist Assistant Associate Professor/ Hiring Committee/ MCCC
Vanessa Hill STEM STEM Special Assistant to President/ Professor/ NECHE self-study/ MCCC
Vonetta Lightfoot Multicultural Affairs Multicultural Affairs Operations Manager/ NECHE- Standard 1, AIA, CCRT, OVW Prevention Committee, ERG Chair-BPG, HEIF Equity Ambassador/ BIPOC/ NUP
Miguel Maria Student Affairs Student Affairs Director, Male Initiative for Leadership and Education (MILE)
Jennifer McNeill Admissions Admissions/ Student Affairs Admissions Counselor/ AIA Committee/ CCRT Team/ , Hiring committees/ MCCC
Andrea Nathanson Administration & Finance Administration & Finance Vice President Administration / Chief Financial Officer/ Shared Governance Committee/ NUP
Eugene Noble Institutional Research Institutional Research Associate Director
Kim Noel Library Library Librarian/ AFSCME
Melissa Pereira SHPS Health Information Technology Instructor/ MCCC
Sean Pettis Information Technology IT Infrastructure Sr. Director of Infrastructure and Security/ NUP
Samantha Plourd Student Affairs Student Affairs Dean of Enrollment, Retention & Completion/ NUP
Reena Randhir STEM Biology Assistant Professor/ MCCC
Anthony Rondinelli LAPS Business Administration Professor/ STCC Foundation, alumni representative/ MCCC
Lisa Thompson Facilities Facilities Buyer IV / Former Dual Enrollment Student / MCPPO / AFSCME
Jennifer Wallace- Johnson LAPS Social and Behavioral Sciences Assistant Professor/ MCCC
Mary Wiseman CODL Academic Affairs Director of Instructional Innovation and Faculty Investment/ NECHE Committee Member Strategy #6, AIA Founding Committee Member, AIA Professional Development Sub Committee Chair, Academic Plan 2020-22 Committee work./ NUP

Definitions of Acronyms used in Membership table

  • AFSCME - American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (union on campus)
  • AIA – Anti-Racism and Inclusion Alliance
  • AUC – All Unit Council. The college’s shared governance body. All employees below the level of director are automatically members, regardless of shift or full time/part time status
  • BIPOC – Black, Indigenous, and people of color
  • BPG –Black Professionals’ Group
  • CCRT - Coordinated Community Response Team
  • ERG – Employee Resource Group
  • FYE – First year experience
  • HEIF –Higher Education Innovation Fund
  • HSI - Hispanic Serving Institution
  • LAPS – School of Liberal and Professional Studies
  • MCCC – Massachusetts Community College Council (union on campus)
  • MILE - Male Initiative for Leadership and Education
  • NECHE – New England Commission of Higher Education
  • NUP – Non-unit Professional (non-union)
  • OVW – OVW- Office of Violence Against Women
  • SHPS – School of Health and Patient Simulation
  • STEM – School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Not Included in Membership Table

  • Two student representatives
  • Board of Trustees representative: Elizabeth Oleksak-Sposito, R.N., B.S.N., Secretary, Board of Trustees (liaison)
  • Department of Education representative: Dr. Winifred Hagen, Senior Associate Commissioner for Strategic Planning and Public Program Approval (liaison)

Our Planning Partner

CampusWorks Inc. has over 20 years of experience providing educational leadership and strategic advisory services to higher education. CampusWorks was chosen as STCC’s strategic planning partner for their extensive experience with community colleges, their robust process for inclusion of stakeholder groups, their alignment with STCC’s culture and community engagement needs, and their student-focused philosophy. Javon Brame, Senior Optimization Executive; Samantha Kessler, Institutional Research & Reporting Consultant; and Kevin David, PhD, Executive Account Director serve as STCC's primary consulting team members.

Community Communications and Updates

Engagement and Feedback Results

Engagement Opportunities

  • April 2022
    • All-College Town Hall Meeting
  • Aug. - Oct. 2022
    • Trends in Higher Education Workshop
    • Defining the Student Experience Workshop
    • SWOT Survey and Focus Groups
  • Nov. 2022 - Jan. 2023
    • Future Summit Event
    • Employee Values Workshop
  • Feb. - Mar. 2023
    • Mission, Vision, Values, Strategies Survey
    • Constituent Feedback Sessions
  • April - May 2023
    • Strategic Plan Launch and Celebration

Full Timeline

  • All-College Town Hall Meeting
  • Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTF) Kickoff
  • Board of Trustees Kickoff
  • SPTF Working Sessions
  • Data/Document Review and Analysis (SPTF)
  • Data Review Workshop (SPTF)
  • Trends in Higher Education Workshop (Employees)
  • Defining the Student Experience Workshop (Students and Employees)
  • SWOT Survey (Employees and Students)
  • Focus Groups (Students, Employees, Community)
  • Future Summit Topic Selection (SPTF)
  • Future Summit Event (Employees, Community, Students)
  • Board Mission/Vision Review
  • Employee Values Workshop
  • Sub-Group Presentation of Best Practices Research
  • Scan to Plan Workshop (SPTF)
  • Advancing Strategies Workshop (SPTF)
  • Mission/Vision/Values/Strategies Survey (Employees)
  • Implementation Workshop (Cabinet)
  • Objective Workshops (SPTF)
  • Constituent Feedback Sessions (Students, Employees, Community)
  • Action Planning Workshops (SPTF)
  • Strategic Plan Presentation to Board
  • Strategic Plan Launch

Strategic Planning Resources

Share Your Feedback

Anyone with questions or feedback to share can feel free can email us at and we will get back to you to answer your question or acknowledge your input.